Where's the best place to stay for you in Malta.

Where to Stay in Malta – What’s the best place for me?

Where to Stay in Malta – What’s the best place for me?
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Knowing where to stay in Malta can make the difference between having a trip you’ll fondly remember and a Malta holiday you won’t enjoy.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to suggesting the best places in Malta to stay, but I’ve done my best to provide you with a number of options based on the many requests for info I receive on this topic.

Here’s what I’ve put together in this article:

  1. Suggestions for different types of travellers and their general needs
  2. Info on what it’s like to stay in different areas of Malta (and Gozo)

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Where's the best place to stay for you in Malta.

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Best places to stay in Malta for…

Best places for couples

  • The Buġibba, Qawra and St. Paul’s Bay area is a good option for a regular holiday: You get  a good selection of hotels and other accommodation, a variety of restaurants and bars/pubs and a few places to swim (although mostly rocky). The area is well connected with several bus routes to the most popular places around. The downsides: Touristy and busy in summer, not practical if you’re renting a car (unless parking facilities are included with accommodation)
  • St. Julian’s and Paceville are good for dining and nightlife, with a decent choice of hotels although the only beach nearby (St. George’s Bay) isn’t the cleanest/nicest place to swim. Head over to nearby Sliema for swimming (rocky bathing areas and lidos with pools). The downside? Paceville is pretty noisy and busy (also thanks to a few big construction projects ongoing), particularly in summer and it’s not a great place to explore Malta from (or to stay at if you’re renting a car).
  • Sliema is a more modern place, with good hotels, dining options and bars/pubs around. Rocky beaches and lidos with pools are good for swimming and there are easy ways to get to Valletta and Comino/Gozo over sea. The downsides: Sliema is one of the busiest places in Malta with heavy traffic congestion and notoriously difficult to find a parking spot in. It’s not easy to reach the best sandy beaches from either.
  • If you’re looking to explore Malta and swimming/beaches are less important, consider staying at Malta’s capital city, Valletta. Drenched in culture and history, great restaurants and wine bars, good quality accommodation and well connected with other parts of Malta through public transport.
  • Another good option for exploring the country is Mellieħa, where you’re far closer to the best sandy beaches, you’ll be staying in a genuine Maltese village, it’s easy to reach other parts of the island and it’s pretty peaceful there. The downside? For some might be too quiet. There are great restaurants around, as well as a few bars, but there isn’t much to do in terms of nightlife.

Best places for Senior couples

  • Although it’s Malta’s capital city, Valletta is not as busy as you’d expect and apart from good quality accommodation and great restaurants, there’s plenty to explore in terms of culture and history. All bus routes start and terminate in Valletta, meaning it’s an easy place to get around from.
  • Mellieha is a charming, quiet village in the North of Malta, with good options for hotels and restaurants and several smaller (sandy) beaches where it’s quieter to swim if Mellieha Bay (largest beach) is too busy for your liking. I recommend hiring a car if you’re considering staying here.
  • Mdina (old bastion city full of history) and Marsaxlokk (a quiet fishing village on the East coast of Malta) are alternatives to consider as well, although you’ll definitely need to hire a car if you decide to stay there.
  • Gozo (smaller island) is also an option to consider. Quiet, largely rural, yet offering several places to explore, it’s a charming place to stay. Although public transport is available, it’s recommended to hire a car here as well.

Most places listed recommend hiring a car. Since these areas are relatively quiet, driving won’t be nearly as challenging as in the busier parts of Malta.

Best places for families with kids

  • Without a doubt, Buġibba and Qawra are your best bet. There’s a good choice of hotels around with pool facilities, a good selection of family-friendly restaurants and it’s a safe area. Bathing areas (artificial sandy beach of Buġibba and Ta`Fra Ben at Qawra) are child-friendly and you can board hop on hop off buses and boat excursions in the area. There are also a large playground, the national aquarium, a cinema and other places of entertainment around.
  • If you’re looking for something a little quieter, there are a few all-inclusive resorts close to the beach at Mellieħa you could also consider. Renting a car is recommended here, though.

Best place for nightlife and single people

If you’re looking for clubbing, pub crawls and nightlife, Paceville (St. Julian’s) is the place to be. If you feel adventurous or you’ve got your own transport, there are open air clubs located in the countryside (surroundings of Mdina and Rabat) that open during the summer months that are a must to party at.

One downside: Drunken brawls are not uncommon here, but as long as you stay out of trouble you’ll be fine.

Best place for beaches and sun/sea holidays

If hanging out on the beach and sunbathing are your top priorities, these are the options to consider:

  • Staying at Mellieha means you’ve got Malta’s largest beach at your doorstep and smaller (sandy) beaches further up North. It’ll also be easy to cross over to Gozo to check out beaches like the beautiful Ramla l-Hamra beach.
  • Want to combine a beach holiday with staying in a proper Maltese village? There are apartments rented out privately in Mġarr and Manikata that allow you to be close to some of the best beaches around and also give you a taste of Maltese village life. You’ll definitely want to rent a car, however.
  • Super lazy and have spare cash to burn? The Radisson Golden Sands hotel sits right on the edge of one of Malta’s best beaches: Golden Bay.



Bugibba and Qawra

St. Paul's Bay


St. Julian's and Paceville




Buġibba and Qawra

Recommended for: 1) Family holidays and 2) couples of all ages
Not recommended for: Culture seekers

Buġibba and Qawra are located adjacent to each other and are considered to be one of the larger tourist resorts in Malta. Located on the North shoreline of the island, Buġibba and Qawra offer a variety of hotels and self-catering apartments (mostly privately rented) and host various bars, clubs and other places of entertainment like a cinema and a casino.

Buġibba and Qawra are a good compromise between staying in more central and busy places (such as St. Julian’s and Sliema) and spending your holiday in more remote places such as Mellieħa, or Golden Bay. Having a bus terminus, Buġibba and Qawra are an easy holiday base to visit other parts of the island with public transport.

Read more about Buġibba and about Qawra.
More info on hotels in the area here.


  • Good for family holidays
  • Busy during summer months, quiet in winter
  • Good options for going out: (Sports) bars/pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, cinema and a casino
  • Choice of accommodation – Hotels but also self-catering apartments
  • Good public transport connections with direct bus routes to other parts of the island and major tourist hotspots.
  • Boat trip operators nearby for excursions to Comino (and the Blue Lagoon)


  • Relatively few bathing areas. One (artificial) sandy beah
  • Very little culture and not really offering a feel of life in Malta
  • Busy during summer months

St. Paul’s Bay

Recommended for: Couples of all ages
Not recommended for: Culture seekers

St. Paul’s Bay is located adjacent to Buġibba and Qawra and is a relatively quiet alternative to those places. Nightlife is limited to quiet bars and restaurants, though Buġibba and Qawra’s pubs, clubs and restaurants lie within walking distance.

This place is far less touristy than its neighbouring villages, and although not exactly a typical Maltese village, you get a much more genuine feel of daily life in Malta.

St. Paul’s Bay offers a few places to swim along its rocky shoreline but doesn’t have any sandy beaches. However, the town is pretty close to an area of the island where most larger sandy beaches are found (Mellieħa Bay, Golden Bay and Għajn Tuffieħa – my personal top 3 of best beaches in Malta). Having good public transport connections, it’s easy to get to these beaches and most can be reached in 30 minutes by bus.

The tricky bit about St. Paul’s Bay is that it’s a place of compromises. It’s a quiet place to stay and a good base to explore the country from. However, for nightlife and restaurants you’ll need to walk/drive, for sandy beaches you depend on public transport and although it’s not a very touristy place, it’s not a very cultural a place either. I’d recommend that you rent a car if you plan to stay here, but whatever you do make sure your accommodation of choice offers private parking. Particularly during the summer months, public parking spaces are hard to come by.

Read more on St. Paul’s Bay and hotels in the area


  • Relatively quiet, yet close to Buġibba/Qawra nightlife as well as beautiful sandy beaches
  • Easy to reach other parts of Malta, good public transport connections
  • More genuine feel of a Maltese village
  • Boat trip operators nearby for excursions to Comino (and the Blue Lagoon)
  • Good place for snorkeling and diving


  • Limited choice of hotels, best bet is privately rented apartments
  • Limited choice of bars and restaurants in the direct vicinity
  • Hiring a car? It’s hard to find parking here in summer

St. Julian’s and Paceville

Recommended for: 1) Young couples, 2) Singles, 3) Club/Pub crawlers
Not recommended for: 1) Families with kids, 2) Mature/older couples, 3) Culture seekers

If nightlife is an important part of your holiday, St. Julian’s (and neighbouring Paceville, the island’s centre of nightlife) is your best bet. The area is jam-packed with pubs, bars and nightclubs which are easily accessible and offer relatively cheap nights out.

St. Julian’s isn’t just about nightlife, however. There are plenty of restaurants around, offering a mix of good value food but also some fine dining opportunities waiting to be discovered.

Moreover, the bustling nightlife is concentrated in Paceville, whereas the village of St. Julian’s (in the direction of Sliema) is quieter and can be enjoyed as a nice evening out with a stroll along the promenade which leads you into Sliema, an adjacent town (also popular among tourists).

Having said that, St. Julian’s is not a place that gives you a genuine feel of what Malta’s like, however. It’s very much a more modern part of Malta and is developing further away from what the small Maltese fisherman’s village once was. Much to the dismay of the locals as well, there’s a lot of activity in terms of construction projects in the area at the moment.


The close vicinity to Sliema also provides the benefit of being able to hop on a bus and take a ferry (at Sliema Ferries) to Valletta or get a boat tour around Grand Harbour or even day trips to Gozo and Comino. Public transport connections in St. Julian’s are adequate, although the Sliema-facing side is a little less well-served by passing buses.

Bathing areas and beaches

There are few places to swim in the sea, even though it’s a place that lies along Malta’s Northern coastline. There’s a small artificial sandy beach located on the Paceville side of town, at St. George’s Bay, which is O.K. as long as the local council keeps cleaning up regularly. Other than that the coastline is pretty rocky and the best places to go for a quick dip will be on the Sliema side of town.

Read more about St. Julian’s and Paceville (including hotels) here.


  • Great place for dining and relaxed nights out – Varied selection of restaurants, bars and pubs and nightclubs
  • Good choice of hotels – from value to 5-star deluxe
  • Paceville is the place for nightlife in Malta
  • Quite central – easy to reach other parts of Malta


  • Not suited for a peaceful and quiet holiday and not really child-friendly, particularly in the Paceville area and Sliema side of town, especially with construction works ongoing in the area. Exceptions are the resorts located on the northern side, near Pembroke.
  • One artificial sandy beach near Paceville (St. George’s Bay), but not always clean in summer (despite best efforts to clean up by the authorities) after having been littered by club crawlers and students diligently studying human anatomy in the dark the night before.
  • Little culture/history, more modern part of Malta
  • Incidents and petty crime are not uncommon in Paceville, mostly drunk brawls and pickpocketing.

Sliema (and Gżira)

Recommended for: Couples of all ages
Not recommended for: 1) Culture seekers, 2) “Sun and sea” holiday goers

Sliema (and the neighbouring town of Gżira) is one of Malta’s most popular locations for tourists, being located along the Northern coast of Malta, neighbouring St. Julian’s. With its central location, Sliema is a good option for those who wish to visit other parts of the island but at the same time be close to the sea and enjoying going out for dinner and drinks in the evening.

It’s a busy/bustling, modern part of Malta, which attracts foreigners working at a number of online gambling companies that operate from nearby towns Gżira and Ta` Xbiex. To the locals it’s also a popular shopping destination with some of the bigger retailers around, as well as having a few small shopping centres.

Possibilities for swimming are limited, though if you don’t mind rocky beaches (perfectly suitable for sunbathing) you can still enjoy bathing in the crystal clear waters along the shoreline of Sliema. There’s a good choice of bars and restaurants around, offering entertainment and inexpensive food and drinks for fun nights out.


Several route buses pass through Sliema, and although it’s a busy place you can get pretty much anywhere by bus. A big benefit is the Valletta ferry and boat tour organisers operating from the Valletta-facing side of town.

The area is notorious for its lack of parking so if you’re set on renting a car, make sure you have access to private parking.

Read more about Sliema (including hotels) here.


  • Good choice of hotels
  • Charming character, which British visitors in particular appreciate about Sliema
  • Easy to reach St. Julian’s and Valletta
  • Boat trip operators offer excursions around the Harbour area, to Comino (and its Blue Lagoon) and Gozo
  • Long promenade along he coastline for long walks and nice sea views
  • Good for shopping (although don’t expect to find bargains)


  • Touristy, most parts of Sliema are modern and don’t offer a real feel of a genuine Maltese village
  • Direct bus routes to sandy beaches available, but expect longer bus trips (1+ hours)
  • Hiring a car? Expect traffic congestion and parking problems – Sliema is notorious for both
  • No sandy beaches, although easily accessible (rocky) bathing areas around
  • Not much culture/history around, although Valletta is easy to reach (regular ferry trips across the harbour).


Recommended for: 1) Couples of all ages, 2) Family holidays with kids, 3) “Sun and Sea” travellers, 4) Culture seekers – Maltese village feel
Not recommended for: Young couples and singles looking for nightlife

Mellieħa is a relatively quiet village which offers more of a peaceful Malta holiday experience, with its slightly remote location in the North of Malta and giving almost instant access to Malta’s largest sandy beach at Mellieħa Bay. Other popular sandy beaches such as Golden Bay and Għajn Tuffieħa are also located in this part of the island.

The village has little nightlife with mostly bars and pubs around, though Mellieħa is considered to be a destination for those seeking peace and quiet rather than the hustle and bustle of popular tourist locations.

Having good access to public transport, Mellieħa is a good base for exploring the rest of Malta although travel times will be longer, with a bus ride to Valletta taking 1 hour and 15 minutes, for example. Renting a car is always quicker, obviously, but if you’d like to explore Malta above anything else there are more centrally situated locations that might be a better choice.

Nevertheless, Mellieħa is an excellent choice for families with children and more adventurous couples who don’t like tourist resorts. It’s also a good place to hop over to Gozo and at Comino to explore those places.

Read more about Mellieħa (including hotels) here.


  • Great for beach holidays
  • Good choice of hotels (although not a large number to choose from)
  • Good selection of restaurants around
  • Easy access to Gozo and Comino
  • Good balance between tourism and village life in Malta
  • Not overly touristy


  • Limited nightlife but several bars/pubs around
  • A little remote – not ideal for exploring the rest of Malta, unless you hire a car
  • Early booking required – limited accommodation. Alternatively look for privately rented apartments, which are available in the area


Recommended for: 1) Mature and older couples and 2) Culture seekers
Not recommended for: “Sun and sea” holiday goers

Malta’s capital city Valletta was built by the Knights of Malta, who intended for it to be a “city for gentlemen” which becomes apparent in the intricate detail with which its buildings were adorned.

Many historical buildings still feature prominently in the streets of Valletta, giving the city a genuine feel of awe. Although relatively quiet in the evenings, Valletta is a great location for those who want to avoid a typical sun and sea holiday. Centrally located, other parts of Malta are easy to reach (especially considering the main bus terminus is located at its doorstep) and there is  plenty of history and culture to be soaked up.

Be sure to visit the Valletta Waterfront in the evenings. There are some good dining and nightlife options available here with beautiful views of the Grand Harbour. Inside Valletta, you’ll also find some great choices for restaurants and wine bars.

Read more here:


  • Centrally located, full of character
  • Good holiday base to explore Malta’s history and culture, hub of public transport – all bus routes start/terminate in Valletta
  • Good quality and diversity of accommodation available
  • Good choice of restaurants and (wine) bars
  • Shopping


  • Accommodation limited, so early booking is recommended
  • Limited nightlife, although renovation of the Valletta Waterfront (within walking distance) has improved this
  • No sandy beaches nearby – requires a trip by bus with pretty long travel times (1+ hours)

Decided on where to stay in Malta? Next steps!

Great! Here are a few next steps with more tips and recommendations to:

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NEW: Valletta travel guide!

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  1. Hi Edward!

    I will be travelling with a group of friends (max 10) to Malta in July. I think our main needs are to sunbathe & go out at night, and we are looking to stay in a villa. We will want to do culture day trips as well but dont mind travelling to do these! where do you suggest?

    • Hi Fionnuala, it sounds like St. Julian’s might be the best fit for you, since you’ll be near Paceville, which is the nightlife centre of Malta.

      There aren’t an awful lot of villas that I’m aware of in the area that would still be available on pretty short notice, however. I would try Airbnb.com and search for places in St. Julian’s (on the side of Paceville) or Swieqi.

  2. Hi Edward, my husband and I are visiting early June we are staying with family in the south for a few days then want to stay elsewhere for a few nights. We are in our forties but young at heart. We would love to experience authentic Maltese food with a friendly atmosphere day and night. We are interested in historical War Museums. We would like to do a harbour tour and possibly Gozo. Another option is we hire a car and venture Malta, if so is it easy to find car parks at the historical sites?
    Thank you

    • Hi LeeAnne, it really depends what historical sites you have in mind. Some offer ample parking, in other places it’s quite a challenge. Happy to guide you further with more info on what places you’re planning to visit.

  3. Hello Edward
    Wonder if you can help with pointing us to the area which would suit us better.
    My wife has a bad spine and arthritis, she can walk a bit, but we often get out the wheelchair. This also means really hilly towns are no good for us. We can hire a car or use the buses, but where we stay needs to be flat, ideally a harbour we can stroll along in the evening. Can you suggest what area(s) would be a good idea to look at for basing ourselves ?
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Matt, I would consider Sliema or St. Julian’s (avoid the Paceville area towards the West, however) or the Buġibba area.

  4. Is Gżira a good base to stay and explore the rest of Malta?

    • Hi David, if you’re not afraid of a little walk (to get to Sliema Ferries) it’s not a bad base for exploration. Bus connections to routes coming out of valletta (main hub) are pretty easy to get. If you’re renting a car, however, make sure your accommodation includes private parking as it’ll be a challenge to find a parking spot in the area, pretty much all year round.

  5. Hi Edward,
    My sister and I are hoping to visit Malta during the Isle of MTV concert. We were wondering where would make the most sense to stay, since we would like to explore the rest of the island too and be away from the crowds wherever we stay. We are hoping to self cater.

    • Hi Layla, I’d have a look at an Airbnb in or just outside Valletta. It’s the capital but most of the crowds around the event will be stuck in traffic or on buses trying to get in/out of the area. Plus, the main bus terminus is located just outside of the capital city.

  6. Hi Ed,

    I’m Charlie I am 54 and planning to go to Malta in May to see family, I will be staying in Saint Paul’s Bay could you please recommend some places to visit while I’m there? I will be in Malta for 21 nights.
    Cheers Charlie.

  7. Hi, I’m travelling with my friend on the 27th July this year and we will be staying two full days. We will be going to the Grotto one day and perhaps a tour around the island the 2nd day with a visit to Valetta.
    We are looking for a lovely spot to stay which has access to restaurants, nice strolls at night and pretty views but where we can also get the bus to places as well. We will be in Santorini for 5 nights, so we will be partied out – so that’s not a priority. My friend said to stay in Sliema, which looks nice. We are looking at the Carlton Hotel in Sliema or the Victoria Hotel – do you know which one would be better for location, views and public transport?

    Thank you in advance!


    • Hi Faye, If budget isn’t an issue I’d actually stay in Valletta. Trouble there is that it’s hard to find low-cost accommodation, particularly at that time of year. If you’re lucky perhaps you can find a good listing on Airbnb, even if it’s just outside Valletta (distances are short!). Valletta is the main hub for public transport, plus there’s a lot to see there.

      Sliema is an option but ideally, since you want to visit Valletta, I’d look for something on the side of Sliema Ferries (where you can take a quick ferry right to the North side of Valletta). Public transport isn’t great if you want to go to places like the Blue Grotto to be fair, but accommodation might be a little cheaper. The Victoria Hotel is within a 10-minute walk so that one’s alright, plus it’s a nice hotel. If you’re on a budget have a look at the Pebbles Boutique Hotel and the Waterfront Hotel is also worth considering.

  8. Hi Edward,

    I’m going to Malta & Gozo with my husband in October. He hopes to get some good dives in?
    We are staying near St Pauls Bay for 3 nights, with 3 nights planned for Gozo & 3 nights elsewhere in Malta, to
    also dive but also see another side of the country. We enjoy eating out & seeing the country & will hire a car for part of the trip. Any recommendations of places to stay?
    Can we take the hire car over to Gozo?

    • Hi there! October should still be good for diving, it’ll just be less busy, so good timing! Seeing as St. Paul’s Bay is a little busier/touristy and Gozo has a character of its own (in a good way!) I’d consider staying at a smaller village like Rabat, Mgarr (in the West) or Marsaxlokk (in the East of Malta). Happy to recommend a place in Mgarr with a host who’s very knowledgeable of local dive sites btw. Yes, you can take a hire car over to Gozo without problems (in fact I definitely suggest you do so, with public transport not being super efficient there).

  9. Hi I love the information you have on this site! I am looking at visiting Malta but am in a wheelchair, where would be the best area to stay please? Needs to be accessible, enjoy markets, shops, stroll along prom, bars and restaurants.

    • Hi Charissa, thanks, glad you lie the site! That’s not the easiest question I’ve been asked – to give you a safe answer, probably Valletta is your best bet. Although you can find seaside promenades around the St. Julian’s/Sliema and Buġibba areas, it can get pretty busy there around the high season and, unfortunately, local government isn’t always proactive in ensuring pavements are up to scratch and accommodating for everyone. If you decide to go for Valletta it’s perfectly possible to get good transport for sightseeing, though.

  10. Hi Edward! This is by far the most helpful guide I could get for my planning to go to Malta. I’m planning to go there with 3 friends probably this upcoming 22/3-26/3. We plan to see the beaches (but maybe not swim) and have a relaxing holiday, with much sight-seeing in mind. Maybe we would rent a car for that purpose. One friend would love to dive, and we’re looking forward to visit Gozo & St Peter’s Pool as well. We don’t need pubs & bars kind of nightlife, but would prefer somewhere we can easily shop for grocery as we’d prefer to cook at the accommodation. Can you advise us where to stay? Also, would the weather be nice for swimming in diving? Thank you so much for your help 🙂

    • Hi Farhana, glad the site’s of help! 🙂 Late March will be a little early for swimming usually, though it could be that you’re in luck and it’ll be doable. For diving, unless you’re unlucky to find bad weather, it should be fine with the right kind of gear. Since you’re not too fussy about pubs/bars and that sort of thing I’d consider looking at either Mellieha and outskirts, or places like Rabat and even Mgarr through an Airbnb rental. Happy to suggest a few addresses to check! 🙂

  11. Hello! I’m planning on going to Malta in May for my birthday. Do you know if the water is warm at that time? I would love to have bothad, some nightlife or just some bars/pubs around and beautiful sandy beaches and to do some boat trip or something. We are a couple of 25 years old. Do you have any idea? Love your website. Many thanks

    • Hi Cláudia, May is right around the time when the weather starts warming up and early bathers start swimming and going to the beach. The water will likely be pretty chilly still though, so you’ll have to suck it up for the first couple of minutes and enjoy the fact that the water will be super clean and it’ll be quiet on the beaches still. 😉 If beach is priority, definitely have a look around in Mellieha or even Gozo (which is quieter than Malta but best to rent a car there!), if nightlife/bars/pubs are priority better go for St. Julian’s/Sliema. You can do boat trips from there but to get to sandy beaches it could take 1-1.5h by bus.

  12. Hi Edward,

    This website is very useful, thanks a lot! My girlfriend and I are going to Malta around mid-April for 8 days, we’re 27 and 30 years old, we love beaches, cycling and exploring nature and historical places. We don’t care too much about nightlife (we live in London!) although as Italians we love good food. We would also like to visit Gozo and Comino. What would you suggest for us? Also, Malta looks very small, do you think we can cycle around and vsit the island by bike?
    Many thanks again!

    • Hi Francesco, thank you – glad you like my site! 🙂
      It sounds like Mellieha or even Rabat/Mgarr might be a good area to stay (in which case an Airbnb stay could be a good option for you as hotels are limited in the area). It’s a quieter part of the country and both Comino and Gozo are within reach. You _CAN_ get around by bike though in Malta I would advise you to be careful and stick to the roads further up North since unfortunately the roads in Malta were never designed with cyclists in mind and the country isn’t known for its courteous drivers, to say the least.

      In fact, I would recommend spending a few days in Malta (to do some sightseeing at Valletta, Mdina and perhaps a few other places) and spend a few more days in Gozo. That’s a MUCH better place to go around on a bike and explore nature and some of the sights there. Some challenging mountain bike routes are documented (not very well at this point, admittedly) here, to give you an idea: http://www.maltauncovered.com/gozo-island/mountain-biking-routes/

  13. Hi Edward,
    So pleased I stumbled on your site, so much helpful advise. We are a couple of Aussies travelling to Malta in June and after reading your info I am tossing up with whether Valletta or Sliema area would suit us best. We usually prefer to stay in self contained accommodation and was wondering if you can recommend any reliable sites to book through ? We will have four days to explore. Thanks

    • Hi Coleen, I would definitely suggest staying in Valletta if exploration is important to you. Sliema isn’t the best place for that unfortunately.

  14. What is the south of Malta like in the height of summer such as Birzebbuga

    • Hi Andy, it’ll be less busy than in the North/centre of Malta at that time of year, though with schools closed it’ll be pretty busy with locals. As a location, although I like Birzebbuga as a town, there may be better places to stay. I’d consider Marsaxlokk (http://www.maltauncovered.com/malta-island/marsaxlokk-fishing-village/) as well, which will definitely be quieter (assuming that’s what you’re after).

  15. Hello Edward,
    Wonderful website! Very helpful. My husband and I are going to Malta in January for two weeks. We are from a very cold part of Canada and I will be in Germany for work and we thought we would try and experience some warmer weather while we are in Europe. +15C in Malta is far better than -30C in Canada! We were attracted to Malta because of the warmer weather and the beautiful and diverse culture and nature. We are hoping to experience a little taste of everything Malta has to offer and are open to suggestions on where to stay. We aren’t into very touristy areas but would like a “pinch” of nightlife in the evening – for example go out for a nice dinner and a place for drinks and people watching. 🙂 I’m not opposed to splitting up our accommodation to broaden our experience. Based on my research I was thinking Valletta, Gozo and Mellieha and staying in Air B&Bs. What do you think? Thanks in advance for your help. Best Regards – Erin

    • Hi Erin,
      It’ll definitely be warmer than -30 C, and with a bit of luck you’ll get some good sunshine too! 🙂
      I think you’re on the right track with those places – Valletta is the first place that came to mind, particularly for culture. Although it’s the capital it’s not as touristy as you’d expect. Mellieha and Gozo are great to explore for nature more than culture.
      Enjoy your trip!

  16. This is a wonderful site, thank you!

    My husband and I are planning to go to Malta from April 21-29/2017. We are big foodies and prefer to be close to great restaurants and wine bars. We also want to be close to sandy beaches. We hate being in overly touristy areas, and want to find the perfect balance between restaurants, beaches, experiencing the local charm of the island without the tourist traps. We won’t have a car unfortunately so will need to stay in an area with easy transportation access. What area do you best recommend? Thanks

    • Hi Fazlin,
      April is a great time of year to visit although it’ll probably be a little early in the season to enjoy days at the beach. Usually that becomes much more doable towards the end of May. In any case, I don’t have a perfect solution for you. The St. Julians and Sliema area offer a good number of nice restaurants to try, but then it’s very touristy and busy. Valletta is probably a slightly better option for foodies (and for culture seekers), but then to get to the beach with public transport (buses) can take 1-1.5h and it can be tricky to find affordable accommodation. The Mellieha area is best for staying close to the beaches but there aren’t an awful lot of restaurants around (albeit there are some really great options to try) and not renting a car while staying there isn’t super practical. Feel free to email for more info – edward[at]maltauncovered[dot]com.

  17. Hi, Heading to malta for the first time and was hoping for a bit of a clue as to where is best suited for us. We love Crete, Loutro, Paleochora, also places like Milos and Serifos are among our favourites. We love the small villages that have great swimming nearby, either sand or rocky. Some nice local restaurants would be great but full-on nightlife is not necessary. Quaint and quiet is fine. What would you suggest for us? We are mid-50s, active and will be in Malta end May for 8 days. Thanks!

    • Hi Mark,

      Based off the info you’ve provided as to your preferences, it sounds like Mellieha and surrounding area could be a good fit. You’ll find some of the largest and best beautiful (sandy) beaches within easy reach and Mellieha offers a few good restaurants as well. Considering accommodation options are a little limited I’d highly recommend booking that as soon as possible, however!

  18. Hi Edward, some fantastic info on your site!

    Myself and my boyfriend are getting married in Malta in September next year and went over last April to check out venues etc. It’s such a beautiful country but we couldn’t get over the amount of building work in St. Julian’s. I’ve never seen so much in such a small place! It really put us off staying there. We were only in Malta for 3 days so didn’t get to see much. Are the other resorts like that as well? We would hate to recommend somewhere to our guests that has a building site outside the window.
    Beaches are not a huge priority but would love somewhere with some Maltese charm and not too quiet as it will be mid September.

    Any advise you can give would be great!
    Thank you,


    • Hi Sinead, first off – Big congrats! 🙂

      I get what you’re saying and agree. Both St. Julians and Sliema are unpredictable when it comes to construction at the moment. I’ve emailed you to get a better understanding of what you’re looking for meanwhile.

  19. Hi Edward we are thinking of going to Malta late September for 7 to 10 days and don’t really know where to base ourselves. Your advice is great for others so I hope you can advise us!
    We are in our mid 50’s, interested in culture, walking along the coast and in the countryside. We like eating out and going to bars but not interested in clubbing, beach life etc. We don’t intend hiring a car so it would be good to be able to start our walks from either a city/town without having to take a bus if possible, but it’s ok if we need to.
    We are also interested in a 2 centre stay between Malta and Gozo , but how do we get to the ferry departure points for Gozo, for example if we were in Valetta, is it a taxi ride away? Where would we locate ourselves in Gozo?
    We are probably looking at staying in 4 star hotels, but staying in an interesting, historical bed and breakfast setting would also do.
    Any advice welcome!
    Thank you, Cathy and Gordon

    • Hi Cathy and Gordon,

      This is a tricky one to answer, since you’ve listed quite a few requirements and no location meets all of them. 🙂 The options that come to mind (in order of preference and considering you’re not hiring a car) are:
      1) Valletta, since there’s a lot to explore inside the city and along both harbours and you can cross over to Sliema with a ferry quite easily, plus most bus routes start/terminate at the Valletta terminus. The downside is that there isn’t much countryside to explore as you’ll be located at the busier part of Malta.
      2) St. Julians/Sliema is a better location if you’d like to stay near the coast, with a long promenade and a variety of restaurants in the area. From Sliema you can take the ferry to Valletta
      3) Mellieha is a good location if countryside exploration is more important, plus you’d be staying in a village that’s less touristy

      Getting to Gozo is pretty easy with several bus routes taking you up to Cirkewwa (have a look at the journey planner of Transport Malta for routes from whatever place you’ll be staying at in Malta). I usually suggest hiring a car in Gozo to really explore the island and considering it’s much quieter than Malta I would reconsider, especially since local public transport (buses) isn’t very reliable. Stay at Marsalforn to be close to the coast and salt pans, etc, stay at or near Nadur, Xaghra or Qala for some of the better countryside walks, or stay at Victoria (the local capital a the centre of the island) if you prefer being close to restaurants, shops, etc.

  20. Hi there…. Great website. my husband and I have never been to Malta. we do a lot of walking ( just back from Madeira ). we will not be hiring a car so bus connections are vital. is Malta a good place for a walking holiday ? where would you recommend we stay. we do not do night life and adore peace and quiet, Beaches are not important. thankyou Dee

    • Hi Dee, thanks, glad you like the site! 🙂

      Is Malta a good place for a walking holiday? Generally, yes, and the area around Mellieha and Rabat would be my recommendation. Having said that, I’d also definitely consider staying at Gozo, which in general is much quieter (and less developed) than Malta. Bus connections to other parts of Malta are good, although transit times can be a little longer (say 1-1.5h from Mellieha to Valletta). In Gozo public transport isn’t the most reliable but if you’re not in a hurry or too fussy about punctuality it’ll do the job.

  21. Hi Edward,
    Fantastic website! My girlfriends and I are a planning a trip to Malta at the end of March 2017. We are a youthful group in our mid-40’s to early 50’s. We would like to stay in a place that has access to some swimming (will it be warm enough at the end of March?) and it doesn’t have to be a sandy beach as I see that there are rocky bathing areas available. We would like to be in a location that has good dining and may have some nightlife (not a priority). Since we’ll likely be staying in the same hotel for the entire a week – a location where we can walk around as well as a nice hotel to hang out at (eg. poolside etc) would be ideal.
    We will likely not rent a car but could either take buses or hire a guide/take a tour to check out other places on the Island eg. Gozo, Blue Lagoon.

    • Hi Angela,

      In March it’s unlikely to be warm enough to swim in the sea I’m afraid. Usually, the earliest is May and the latest time of year October – not just because of the sea temperature but also from a safety point of view with undercurrents, etc.

      Based on what you’ve told me you’re probably best of staying in St. Julians or Sliema. Good choice of restaurants, pubs and other nightlife, long seaside promenade and (at Sliema Ferries) easy access to Valletta by ferry and a choice of boat tours to Comino, Gozo, etc.

  22. Great website Edward! Just wondering if you know anything about camping. We are a party three; myself, my husband and our 8 year old daughter. We are interested in camping in beautiful spots near beaches that would be good for snorkelling. I have researched that I might need to apply for some kind of liscence to camp. Just wondering if you have any tips of advice in this area. Thanks in advance!

    • Unfortunately I don’t have much advice to offer you on that myself, though if you use Facebook I’m sure you’ll be able to get expert advice from locals in this public group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/31987719059/.

  23. I find this webpage very very helpful. It gave me a whole map and great idea of Malta 🙂

    • Happy to hear that Jill, thanks for leaving a comment! 🙂

  24. Fantastic website Edward! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Myself and the partner are heading to Malta for 14 days in July. We are splitting it half n’half with a stay on Gozo. Intend on hiring a car on landing and exploring both islands. We’d love an area quiet and relaxing in the evenings, preferably with nice views…but can’t decide. Thanks for any help you can give! X

    • Hi Jacqui – thank you, happy to hear you like the site! The first place that comes to mind in Malta is Mellieha. In Gozo it’s a bit tougher to recommend a place because the whole island is pretty quiet and peaceful. The places that come to mind are Xlendi (overlooking a bay) and Marsalforn (both on the coast) or if you prefer something more inland Qala and Għasri.

  25. Hi Edward, this is a terrific site. I have read most of the information, and I am still unsure of where to go. My husband and myself have been to Malta twice now, and stayed at Quara. On the last trip we took my parents, and they had a fabulous time, and would like to go again. We are thinking more in November/December this time, a little cooler. My parents are elderly and very sprightly. There is no need to be near a beach, but would like to see more of the history of Malta. We like to eat out, and explore. Where do you advise us to stay. I await your reply, and Thank-you very much. x

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you, glad you like the site. It sounds like you might want to stay in the capital of Valletta. It’s not nearly as busy as you’d expect from a capital city, you can get anywhere from there by bus, there’s a lot to discover within the city itself and plenty of choice for dinner.

  26. Hi there,
    I’m going to Malta next month, and even though we’ve booked a place in Sliema, we can cancel without a fee, and I’m really inclined to do that after reading this post! According to your post Mellieha is the place to be. My question is: is that difficult to go around by bus from there? We don’t have a driving license, so renting a car isn’t a option! But at the same time, all the nice beaches are close by, so I was wondering if taxis are very expensive for one beach or another that is not so accessible. We are staying 4 nights in Malta and 3 in Gozo. I would like to go to Valleta, and to some beaches around the island, but 90% of the beaches are on the north.

    • Hi Liliana,
      If beaches are your #1 priority it’s either Mellieha (quieter) or Bugibba/Qawra/St. Paul’sBay (more touristy) you want to stay at. There are good connections to/from Mellieha but you’ll spend more time on buses to go around simply because it’s more remote. If, again, beaches are most important, you’re good there. If, however, you want to explore other parts of Malta, Mellieha will be quite remote, whereas you’ll get shorter trips from the Bugibba area – you’re kind of in between the beaches to the North and places like Valletta and Mdina to the South/East. In June it won’t yet be swarming completely with tourists in Bugibba, though you can opt to stay on the side of St. Paul’s Bay and you’ll avoid the very busy parts of the area. Taxis can be pretty pricey – think 25 euro for a one way trip from Mellieha to Valletta.
      Hope you enjoy your trip! 🙂

      • Thanks, Edward! Beaches are my number 1 priority, for sure! I don’t plan to spend more than 1 day and a half sightseeing.I ended up cancelling the hotel in SIiema and booking another one in Mellieha. I saw there are couple of sightseeing buses in Malta that go to most historical places, and I could go to Bugibba to get it from that, and this would make the trip considerably shorter and quicker! As most beaches I plan to visit are not so far from Mellieha, I think it should be ok. I can use buses and take taxis to shorter trips. I’ll be staying just next to the beach in Xlendi for 3 nights as well, so it will be pretty much a beach holiday. By the way thank you very much for your tips, your website is a bible for whoever is planning to visit Malta!

      • Sounds like you’re all set Liliana – Enjoy your stay and thank you for the compliment! 🙂

  27. Hi,

    What a wonderful website. Thank you. My wife and I are looking to come to Malta July 2-8. We like a hotel room where we can see the sea. Good restaurants, good strolling and shopping, seeing the cultural highlights. We will not be renting a car, but want to explore as much of Malta as we can on day-trips. Can you offer a recommendation on which town to stay in? We are not on a tight budget.


    • Hi Joe, thank you – I’m happy you like the site!
      For sea view hotels, good restaurants and walks you’ll be happy to stay at St. Julians and Sliema (where you’ll find some of the better shops in Malta) I reckon. You’ll also be able to take day trips from the South side of Sliema to places like Gozo and Comino and you can take a ferry across Grand Harbour to get to Valletta. High-end hotel choice is limited at that time of year in Sliema and you’ll find there’s more choice in St. Julians. The downside there is that you’ll need a 10-15 minute bus ride to get to “The Ferries” in Sliema to take day tours and shop (various routes pass from this stretch). Restaurant choice is very good in St. Julians, however (although you’ll find good options just the same in Sliema).

      A few hotel options for Sliema:
      Preluna Hotel & Spa
      Fortina Spa Resort

      A few options for hotels in St. Julian’s:
      Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay
      The Westin Dragonara Resort
      Le Méridien St Julian’s Hotel and Spa (closer to Sliema)
      Hilton Malta (closer to Sliema)

      I would HIGHLY recommend booking as soon as possible as these hotels are in high demand at that time of year and will be fully booked soon.

      I hope that helps and I hope you enjoy your stay!

  28. Hi, We are planning a holiday to Malta between 30 May – 6th June .. and have kids aged 9, 4 and a 9 month old. From reading your very helpful article I have come to the conclusion that perhaps Valleta or Mellieha might suit us best as we aren’t going to be involved in the night life that most of the other places offer. We don’t want to be anywhere too crowded and don’t mind hiring a car get around to explore the rest of Malta. We have also looked at Gozo and are not entirely sure how rural this is and how easy it would be to get to Malta from here. We don’t want to be totally isolated either and /but the kids would love the beaches. I need your advise on what would be the best place to rent Villas / holiday homes as this would suit us best with a baby.

    • Hi Amber, since you’ll be travelling with the family and the kids will enjoy the beaches, I wouldn’t recommend staying in Valletta, especially not when hiring a car. It’s an amazing place to visit on a day trip but not the best place to stay with a family and with the idea of spending time on the beach, simply because of the commute and the traffic congestion in the area. With Mellieha as a home base and renting a car, you can easily reach different beaches and places like Mdina (a must-visit) are easy to reach by car as well.

      Gozo is much quieter than Malta and you would only stay there for the full duration of your trip if you’re not too interested in exploring the island of Malta. The ferry crossing to Malta takes 25 minutes alone so you’d have a pretty big commute every time and especially with kids that won’t be practical. The options I see are:
      1) Plan to spend a day in Gozo, which is easy to do from Mellieha (10 min drive to ferries at Cirkewwa in far North) – or multiple trips
      2) Split your stay between X days in Mellieha and X days in Gozo, although perhaps logistically that wouldn’t be practical for you either.

  29. Hi,

    This is the best info I have seen about how to explore Malta and thanks for your patience for the questions as well. Tried to read all comments to see if the answer is hidden but still want to ask.
    We are at early 30’s and will visit at the first week of July for 6 nights with my husband. It is really hard to decide where to stay. Main goal is the best beaches, but would like to see what is to explore in city centre too. so was planning to stay in Mellieha bay or golden by( radisson) for a few days. Then mostly at st julian( corinthia may be) but you say st george bay not clean to swim? Raddison comments say there is not much options to eat out. Is that true? Because we dont plan to rent a car. So i decided on db seabank+spa but requires 5 nights stay. How are the options to go to the blue lagoon, golden or paradise bay from there? Also cruises schedule from mellieha? So we will have one more night to stay in centre, could be st julian for the best? What about masaxlokk side? Seems perfect clean for swimming

    • Hi Burcu, a few quick replies to your questions:
      * The issue with St. George’s Bay is that it’s right at the edge of Paceville, which is the country’s main nightlife area. That means that the beach gets dirty pretty quickly, especially during the night. So although the local authorities make a good effort to clean the beach in the early morning I wouldn’t recommend it as one of the best beaches on the island. Is it safe to swim and an option if you’re staying? Yes, it is. Is it the most beautiful/clean beach around? Not in my opinion, no.
      * The Radisson at Golden Bay is a great place to stay, though aside from the few restaurants the hotel has to offer there’s only one other restaurant on the beach. You’re a little isolated there if you’re not renting a car (which, if you’re staying in that part of the island or at Mellieha is perfectly doable – not very busy at all on the roads, apart from Sundays).
      * The Seabank was refurbished pretty recently and it’s a nice hotel to stay at, plus you’re right opposite the largest sandy beach. You can reach Paradise Bay and Golden Bay quite easily, although the latter requires a switch of routes at Xemxija and takes around 30 mins I’d say. Blue Lagoon and boat trips you can find at Cirkewwa, near the ferry to Gozo (also recommended) – which you can reach easily and quickly by bus from the Seabank hotel.
      * St. Julians is nice to stay at for hotel choice and restaurants, although Sliema makes it easier to find boat trips/cruises around the Grand Harbour and to Comino (Blue Lagoon) and Gozo. You also get a ferry connection to Valletta if you want to explore the capital city. Marsaxlokk is very quiet and you’ll be a little isolated without a car I’d say. It is clean for swimming but it’s not the most beautiful beach you’ll find in Malta.

      I hope that helps!

  30. Hi
    My friend and I are planning on visiting Malta from 11th June for a week, we are in our late 30’s. We would like different options, we would like to visit some of the traditional Maltese villages/towns and experience the authentic way of life and we also want the option on some days of good beaches and complete relaxation, we would like the option of some nightlife (good restaurants and bars with the option to stay out late if we choose too). We are not planning on hiring a car. We would like the option of boat trips and don’t mind a bus trip to a good beach. Can you please recommend the best resort and some good hotels with nice pools? We are looking for comfort but good value for money. Thanks.

    Great helpful website 🙂

  31. Hi, the info on this page is absolutely brilliant. My fiance and I are going to Malta 13th May for 7 nights. We enjoy going out, beaches, water sports but want to have an authentic experience of the country. Trying to do it on a budget- but will probably splash out for the last night for fiances birthday. We won’t be driving. I’m considering staying in St Julians for 3 nights,-to go enjoy the nightlife and to visit the Blue Lagoon- is that easy to get to without a car? Might spend the fourth night in Gozo, and 3 nights at the beaches at Mellieha- is that where the nicest beaches are? Any recommendations for somewhere nice to stay there? Is there public transport from Mellieha to the airport..we’d be flying back on a Friday. Thanks in advance! Claire

    • Hi Claire – A couple of quick answers to point you in the right direction:
      1) St. Julian’s is great for a couple of days but there aren’t any beaches around, so it makes sense spending a few nights in Mellieha to enjoy the local beaches (and yes, that’s the part of Malta where you’ll find the nicest beaches). The largest sandy beach of Mellieha Bay will be in walking distance but you can also take a 5-min bus ride down towards the beach if you like. You can take a bus up North to Paradise Bay but if you only have a few days I’d recommend heading to Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay – two beaches next to each other on the East coast. You’ll have to take a 41, 42, 222 or 250 from Mellieha to Xemxija (15-20 min ride), get off at bus stop ‘Simar’ and take either the 223 or 225 to either of those bays. Ghajn Tuffieha comes up first, then final stop is Golden Bay
      2) You can get to the Blue Lagoon by getting a boat trip from Sliema, which is a town that neighbours St. Julians. You’ll need a 10-min bus ride (a bunch of routes pass on this stretch, e.g. routes 13, 14, 16, 110, 233) to take you to what’s referred to as the Sliema Ferries and you’ll find various boat operators there.
      3) Yes, there’s a direct route from Mellieha to the airport – the X1 (early morning till late afternoon): https://www.publictransport.com.mt/en/route/X1
      4) Hotel options – not sure what ‘budget’ means to you but considering you’re only three weeks away I’m assuming it’s up to 100 EUR / 80 GBP per night
      St. Julian’s – Spinola Hotel
      St. Julian’s – Golden Tulip
      For something decent in Mellieha at short notice you’ll probably need to fork out more than 100 eur/night – there’s limited accommodation outside of the tourist hotspot zones. Option 1: Try airbnb Option 2: Stay at St. Paul’s Bay, Bugibba and Qawra. The benefit is you’ll still be able to reach the nice beaches pretty easily, the downside is it’s a tourist hotspot and not the best places to experience the country.

      I hope that helps. Feel free to email at edward@maltauncovered.com if you have any follow up questions.

  32. Hi, me and my boyfriend will be travelling to Malta during week 34 in August and are not sure where to stay. We don’t want to be among loads of tourists or the busiest place with nightclubs, however we do like to go on restaurants and have some choosing options where to eat. We enjoy going on adventures and travel around a bit to get that genuine feeling of the country we’re in. We also like to mix it up with some beachdays and relax. So a little bit of citylife and a little bit f the Maltese countryside I guess would suit us pretty good, or what do you think?

    • Hi there Emma! Are you guys looking to rent a car during your stay? That makes a big difference as to what to suggest.

  33. Hi Edward. We will be a party of 3 travelling to Malta for 10 days from around 19 July. All inclusive hotel but doesn’t have to be The Ritz just good location/facilities and pleasant food/drinks. My 13 year old son would like a large pool near beach with pool table/table tennis etc where he can make friends. Partner likes a good pool/good food/entertainment in the evening and a location with a few live bars/entertainment etc. Having never been Malta before I’m keen to explore – especially Gozo/Como and the Capital Valetta – hopefully our timing might coincide with a Fiesta? We plan to hire a car. Could you recommend anywhere in Malta which might suit everyone? Thanks, Steph

    • Hi Steph, thanks for your question. Let’s start with a location that meets most of your requirements. Based on what you’ve told me, St. Julian’s might be a good fit. There’s a good choice of hotels (with pool facilities), good restaurants and bars and around the weekend of the 24th of July you could experience a festa, in the Balluta area of St. Julian’s – a small, picturesque bay.

      A few things to mention: 1) It can get busy in the area and you’ll definitely need a car (and a confident driver) to make your way around. You can easily catch a ferry boat or tour to Gozo and Comino from nearby Sliema, though you’re better off catching a bus (it’s a nightmare to find a parking spot in that area) – Route 14. 2) Within St. Julian’s you’ll find an area called Paceville, which is Malta’s main nightlife centre. It doesn’t sound like that would be a good fit for you, so if you choose to stay at St. Julian’s, the Balluta area is a much better choice. 3) Since the festa will be held the weekend after your arrival there will be adjusted traffic arrangements with closed streets at times. I’m sure they’ll be able to guide you at the hotel of your choice though.

      “Not the Ritz” is a bit difficult to gauge your budget off, though have a look at these hotels in the area:
      1) Le Méridien St Julian’s Hotel and Spa – Great hotel and facilities, free parking, though not the largest pool perhaps.
      2) Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel – Close to the Paceville nightlife area, but you wouldn’t be in the middle of it all, good restaurants nearby and Balluta Bay is within walking distance. Parking is charged at 8 EUR/day, however.

      Suggested articles:
      Driving in Malta
      Gozo travel guide
      Comino travel guide

      I hope that helps!

  34. Hi Edward,

    Amazing website – thank you!

    Your help would be much appreciated – you seem to be the guru of Malta 🙂

    Myself and 2 of my girlfriends are planning on coming to Malta in August. We would like a destination which has good beaches and somewhere with a buzz in the evening.

    We would like somewhere with pretty restaurants to enjoy long dinners before heading out afterwards. we aren’t so fussed about big night clubs but would like to go somewhere we can go to lively bars after dinner, beach bars perhaps?

    We are all on our early 30’s, any recommendations on where to stay?

    • Hi Rachel, thanks – glad you like it 🙂

      So it sounds like nightlife is pretty important to you, in which case your best bet is St. Julians, and more specifically the Spinola/Balluta Bay area, NOT the area known as Paceville because you’ll be right in the middle of the busiest part with night clubs. There are plenty of bars and pubs around the area and some great restaurants to try as well.

      The only downside is the beaches – there’s no place I know of that offers both good nightlife AND sandy beaches in the same place unfortunately. The nearest bathing area is in the neighbouring town of Sliema (5-10 min bus ride) but it’s a rocky beach. Good for sun bathing, easy to get in and out of the sea, but no sand. The area is known as Exiles. Alternative 1: Go to a lido (there are a few good ones around in St. Julian’s and Sliema, alternative 2: Take a bus to Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha (pron. aajn too-fee-hah) – two beautiful sandy beaches on the West coast of Malta. Bus route is 225 and trip is around 1 hour.

      As for timing – if you do plan to stay at St. Julian’s in August, I’d recommend going around 25-28 August. That weekend the local village feast is held – bit of culture, fireworks over the bay, food & drink – you get the picture. Another tip: Open air clubs like Gianpula (and particularly Marrakesh, part of the Gianpula complex) are worth going to. You’ll need to take a taxi, however – probably around 30 euro between the three of you, to and from St. Julians.

      Hope that helps!

  35. My husband and I will be travelling in Spain then across to Malta for a 6 night stay this July.
    We have never been there before and we are thinking about hiring an apartment but not sure what area would be best for us.
    We do like to have some nightlife as in bar/restaurant but not really night clubs, we do like to walk every where we can especially out at night , have a choice of dining options and if possible be close to a beach where we can swim.
    We are 46/47 years old.
    What area would you recommend that we stay in please?

    • Hi Jacqui,
      St. Julian’s (The part adjacent to Sliema) as well as Sliema itself will be good options if you enjoy a little nightlife and good dining. Beaches, however, are limited to rocky bathing areas with. There are no sandy beaches around, but bathing areas in the area are still fine for swimming and sunbathing.
      If a sandy beach is important to you, you could consider Bugibba (which also offers decent options for dining and nightlife – although not as good – and there’s an artificial sandy beach) or Mellieha, which is closest to some of the best beaches on the island but then nightlife is pretty limited, despite there being some great options for dining. You’ll be better off hiring a car if you choose to stay here, however, as it is a little remote.
      You’ve also mentioned to me separately the wish for accommodation with character/history. Your best bet in that case is probably Valletta, which is also good for dining/nightlife, and although no sandy beaches are nearby you can reach any beach of your choice pretty easily with the main bus terminal sitting right outside the city. For accommodation, you’ll mostly find modern buildings in Sliema and St. Julian’s (also Bugibba/Qawra).
      I hope that helps!

  36. Very good points to help choose a location

  37. This information is the difference between a really enjoyable family holiday or a 2 week nightmare. I really appreciate this, thank you very much

    • Glad it’s helpful to you, Anthony! 🙂

  38. This is extraordinarily helpful information. Thank you very much!

  39. I found this concise Guide to Malta a great help, never having stayed in Malta before. Thank you.I think Sliema would suit us best. Now to choose a hotel !


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