The Best Sliema Hotels from personal experience

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In this article I’ve listed a selection of the best Sliema hotels as well as hostels, B&Bs and self-catering apartments in the area, based on personal experiences (I’m a tourist-turned-expat living in Malta) and those of family and friends.

Sliema accommodation is quite varied, being a popular tourist destination in Malta, offering a number of hotels, self-catering apartments, B&Bs and hostels.

Having said that, the overall standard of hotels is probably not the highest, with a number of so-so options that still charge premium rates. If you’re just looking for a good base to explore the rest of Malta from, Sliema will do just fine, provided you get a good deal by booking well in advance.

In this article, I’ve collected the best options for you to choose from (listings for hotels, apartments, etc below!) which I believe do offer good value, but let’s start with little advice on where best to stay in Sliema.

Where to stay in Sliema: My Tips

If you’re not set on staying at Sliema, have a look at this article: Where best to stay in Malta. If Sliema is your place to be – read on!

Sliema is a much more modern part of Malta, that has two faces: The urbanised, tall buildings on the outer sea-facing part and the inner core that still boasts some of the stately houses and their brightly coloured balconies, doors and window frames, with some truly beautiful street scenes.

Sliema Hotel tips

  • Most of the popular hotels are situated along the promenade and coastline, which is the busier part of Sliema, while self-catering apartments, hostels and B&Bs are more easily found in the centre.
  • Really and truly I struggled to add a 10th hotel to list below. In fact, I stuck to just 9. Although the standard of hotels in Sliema was of a high standard a few decades ago, it’s not quite what it used to be. With the increase in high-quality accommodation in the area in the form of (self-catering) apartments in the area, I’d seriously consider looking into that option.
  • If you’re looking for a comfortable resort I’d say hotels and resorts in St. Julian’s will be a better option for you. That will depend on your budget as well, of course. You can find my St. Julian’s accommodation recommendations here.

Location tip for explorers

Although Sliema is a relatively small place and walking distances are short, you’ll be better off staying on the Valletta-facing side if you’re planning to take a few tours and do some sightseeing in Malta and Gozo. On this side of Sliema, you can find an area referred to as the Ferries, from where you can catch a ferry to Valletta and where boat tour operators are set up to take you to places like the islands of Gozo and Comino (with its popular Blue Lagoon beach).

Location tip for foodies

Unless you’re in a lazy mood and prefer hotel food, consider going for a self-catering option. Not only will you save a bit of cash, you’ll have plenty of breakfast, lunch and dining options around, all within close proximity, so you’ll give yourself a great excuse to sample some local food.

Picky on what you’d like to try? You can easily follow the promenade and walk to the neighbouring village of St. Julian’s for even more choice of restaurants around.

Location tip for scuba diving enthusiasts

You can find a few of Malta’s biggest dive centres along the northern coastline of Sliema, where you can book diving trips and rent equipment and tanks. Look for Dive Systems and Dive Shack for starters.

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The 9 Best Sliema Hotels

You’ll find a good mix of Sliema hotels, from budget options to the more luxurious and pricey options. The below hotels are the ones I would stay at myself or recommend to friends and family, ranked from budget-friendly to “just swipe my card, I don’t care”.

Please note: Prices vary depending on the time of year, so rather than give you price indications there are buttons for each option which you can use to check current rates.

Sliema Marina Hotel

The Sliema Marina Hotel is on my list, but just about. It’s a perfectly decent hotel, with good facilities, a neat interior and well-equipped rooms. The location’s great as well, right on the seafront and within a stone’s throw of The Ferries.

However, only book this hotel if you’re guaranteed a room with sea view. The alternative rooms are absolutely not worth spending the money on as they offer no views and are very dark.

If you do manage to book a sea view room I’m confident you will enjoy your stay.

The Sliema Marina Hotel offers decent accommodation, as long as you book a sea view room.

115 The Strand Hotel and Suites

This hotel has been around in the area for a while, but with regular refurbishments has managed to maintain a good level of standards, unlike some of its competitors around.

Getting the basics right and offering some great sea views from a selection of its rooms, 115 The Strand Hotel and Suites offers a good location and comfort at reasonable rates.

115 The Strand Hotel and Suites offers great sea view rooms.

Bayview Hotel & Apartments

The Bayview Hotel & Apartments are all about value. You get good accommodation with all the basics covered but the rates are relatively low. Sure, the interiors and rooms may not be the most modern, but they’re clean and comfortable nevertheless.

The hotel is located on the seafront, but just into the town of Gżira, which borders with Sliema. That means you can get some really nice sea views, but you have to be comfortable with a 10/15-minute walk to get to the centre of Sliema and The Ferries. Buses stop right outside the hotel, however.

As you’d expect from the name, self-catering apartments are also offered here.

The Bayview Sliema Hotel and Apartments rooftop pool and sundeck.

Rocca Nettuno suites

The Rocca Nettuno Suites is a good hotel, located in a street just off the seafront and around the corner from The Ferries. It’s a good compromise between comfort and being a great location for exploring Malta from, plus enjoying some of the local food in one of the nice restaurants around.

The interiors are clean and modern but not particularly fancy, while the rooms are comfortable and overall quite spacious.

The Rocca Nettuno Suites in Sliema.

The Waterfront Hotel

Being one of the few hotels in the area that has undergone a major face lift recently, the Waterfront Hotel is a good option (clean, comfortable and helpful staff) and if you book on time you can get a good deal here.

The higher floors enjoy lovely sea views and you’re not too far off from the Ferries here. The hotel is situated on the main road along the coast though, so if you’re looking for peace and quiet, this isn’t the best option.

The Waterfront is a great Sliema hotel to go for.

Preluna Hotel & Spa

The Preluna Hotel & Spa has been a staple in terms of accommodation in Sliema for a number of years and they’re a decent choice if you’re looking for comfort at a lower rate.

However, although advertised as a 4-star hotel, it doesn’t quite meet that level anymore, so expect the basics to be up to standard but only book if the rates match that expectation.

It’s worth paying extra for the sea view but request a room on the upper floors to make the most out of the view.

The Preluna Hotel and Spa is a good option for decent accommodation in Sliema.

Palazzo Violetta

Palazzo Violetta is a small, family-run hotel located in the centre of Sliema, in a quieter part of town. Housed within a centuries-old building with bright red apertures, the hotel offers modernly-decorated hotel rooms with all the facilities you’d expect.

If you’re keen on staying near the seaside (and closer to The Ferries), it’s not an ideal option, however, you’re only a 10/15-minute walk away anyway.

Palazzo Violetta is a family-run hotel in Sliema.

The Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel is located in the heart of Sliema and offers 4-star accommodation and comfort to match. The hotel receives positive reviews for its high standards, amenities on offer and service provided.

The Victoria 4-star hotel

The Palace

Also located in the heart of town, The Palace is one of the best Sliema hotels you can book, having a 5-star rating. Considering its rating, good deals can be had with attractive rates, although if budget isn’t a concern you’ll find the level of comfort and overall standards to be very satisfactory just the same.

The hotel offers spacious rooms, modern facilities and interiors and high quality food is served in its restaurants.

The Palace 5-star hotel

Self-catering and holiday apartments in Sliema

Pebbles Boutique Aparthotel

Pebbles Boutique Aparthotel is a great option if you’re looking for a good self-catering option in Sliema. Location-wise you’re within a 5-10-minute walk from The Ferries and you can book a sea view room here with balcony.

With fairly modern interiors, good facilities and comfortable apartments, you get good value for money.

Depiro Point

Depiro Point is a modern apartment block built fairly recently that offers some really good value self-catering accommodation and consistently gets good reviews.

With spacious, clean apartments and a nice location close to St. Julian’s and around the corner from the seafront, it’s a good option if you want flexibility and good food close by. The only downside is that it’s not very close to The Ferries, but with bus stops nearby that doesn’t necessarily have to be a big stumbling block.

Tip: The top floor apartments offer nice terraces and good city views.

Depiro Point offer self-catering apartments in the heart of Sliema.

D TownHouse Boutique Apartments

Located in a lovely part of Sliema, the old town centre, D TownHouse Boutique Apartments is a great option for comfortable holiday apartments with modern, clean interiors and consistently good ratings.

For the value offered, you can find very reasonable rates here and you can’t go wrong location-wise.

Please note that these apartments do not have a proper kitchen, however, just a small fridge. That’s not necessarily a big deal because you can find plenty of eateries just around the corner.

D TownHouse Boutique Apartments in Sliema

Other apartments in Sliema

Looking for more self-catering options?

Try (get a €22 discount here).

Budget and cheap accommodation

Bed and Breakfasts in Sliema

If you’re looking for a no-frills B&B, you’ll find a number of options listed in Sliema but really and truly few are worth it. Firstly because of the rates probably being higher than what you’d be willing to pay (Sliema isn’t really known for budget accommodation) and secondly because of the limited value offered.

These are a few exceptions to consider:

  • Five Trees B&B is a farily recent addition and it’s aimed at young travellers with its brightly coloured interiors. You’re just 5 minutes off the southern promenade of Sliema so it’s a good place to use as a base for tours, etc.
  • Alba B&B is set in an old (but refurbished) house with a large, beautiful garden and a friendly and welcoming owner. It’s a comfortable B&B with classical interiors and receives good reviews.

Hostels in Sliema

Over the past decade or so a number of hostels popped up in the Sliema area, often in old houses that have been expertly refurbished and modernly decorated and furnished. Here’s a selection of hostels I’d recommend you check out.

Room rates are pretty similar between hostels so it really comes down to personal preference, availability and of course, the reviews and ratings.

  • Hostel Jones is a very laid-back, quirky hostel with some really cool interiors. With clean beds, bathrooms, towels and kitchen that’s open 24/7 you get everything you need, plus atmosphere in a really chill environment. Located in the northern side of Sliema.
  • Corner Hostel is a perfect example of how you can turn an old stately home into a really stylish and comfortable place to stay. With original Maltese style tiles, a well-equipped kitchen and comfortable beds it’s no wonder it gets great reviews.
  • Two Pillows Boutique Hostel is probably the first hostel I’d recommend you have a look at. It’s pretty new, very modern, clean and run professionally and its location is right where you want it to be: Just off the seafront on the South side of Sliema, near the Ferries, making it easy to explore Malta from.
  • Hostel 94 is also a modernly designed hostel located on the St. Julian’s side of town, just off the main road that runs along the coastline. Clean, tidy, comfortable.

Do you have any questions?

Leave a comment below and let me know, I’m always happy to help!

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