The 25 Best Malta Hotels reviewed

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Finding the best hotel in Malta for your stay can be a daunting task. This guide offers you the top Malta hotels in the most popular areas around the Maltese islands, personally selected and reviewed with inside knowledge from a tourist-turned-local.

Each of the listed hotels give you a quick impression of what to expect, an estimate cost per night and the best options for current rates and deals with popular hotel booking sites.

About this guide to Malta hotels

My aim with this guide is to help you find a hotel that matches your requirements and budget for the right accommodation in Malta for you. I have not been paid to mention any hotels, I’ve selected the best hotels in Malta based on my own experience and those of friends and family, whose judgement I trust.

To help you get a broader, balanced evaluation I’ve also included pros/cons that are frequently mentioned by other travellers, for each of the hotels listed.

Tips to get you started

  • Determine what your requirements are
    • Step 1: Decide where in Malta you would like to stay.
    • Step 2: Decide on what type of holiday you’re looking for. Is it your intention to spend time at the hotel’s facilities, enjoy the pool, maybe a spa treatment and maybe book a few tours? Are you looking for a hotel in Malta you can spend time in comfortably, but you intend to actively explore the country and don’t need all the extras 4/5-star hotels offer? Or are you looking for a hotel to sleep and have breakfast in, spending most of your time out and about and not looking to spend too much on accommodation?
  • Hotel rates indicated for some of the listings below may vary depending on the time of year and room availability. I’ve listed cost estimate for the more modestly priced hotels for peak season (July), verified around 6 months in advance.
  • If quality, comfort and budget are your primary concerns, these are the best Malta hotels to consider as part of your research. I’ve also included hotels that are particularly good locations for those travellers who are looking to get to know Malta a little better.

… and with that out of the way, let’s dive right in!

Valletta travel guide for 2019!

The Best 5-star Luxury Hotels in Malta and Gozo

If your primary concern is luxury and comfort, these are some of the best Malta hotelsin the 5-star category. The hotels I recommend below are located in various parts of the islands, so even if you’re looking to explore Malta while enjoying the best accommodation the island has to offer, you should find something that suits your requirements.

Although more 5-star hotels exist in Malta besides the ones I’ve listed below, most don’t really deserve the 5-star rating, either because they’re in need of refurbishment or they simply don’t meet the expected standard. Most of the premium price charged is often attributed to the location rather than the quality of facilities.

Casa Ellul

Casa Ellul

Location: Valletta
Cost: €250/£214 – €300/£257 per night

If you’re looking to stay in Malta’s capital city and you’re looking for some of the most premium accommodation around, you’ve just found it. Casa Ellul is an absolute gem of a hotel, located on the northern side of Valletta, tucked away within one of its quieter streets. Considering the quality of this hotel, its rates are also reasonable, although that may be less of a concern if you’re looking for this type of hotel.


  • One of the best hotels in the area, very popular and for good reason
  • Intimate and small
  • Tastefully decorated, spacious suites
  • Good location to explore Valletta from
  • Good public transport connections with the rest of Malta through the bus terminus just outside the city
Things to consider

  • If you’re sensitive to sound or a light sleeper, you might not enjoy the limited sound insulation which allows city noise to seep through.

Palais Le Brun

Casa Ellul

Location: Valletta
Cost: €140/£120 – €180/£155

One of the newest additions to hotels in Valletta, Palais Le Brun is an outstanding option for a luxury stay. Set within an old 16th-century Baroque palace just off the centre of the capital, the tastefully designed rooms and high-quality amenities offer an excellent base to feel at home during your trip.


  • New addition to Valletta hotels and already well reviewed
  • Comfortable rooms with a classical feel
  • Historical setting in 16th-century palazzo
  • Beautiful (albeit small) rooftop pool with wide views to enjoy
Things to consider

  • They’re still ironing out a few creases but attention so some details still need attention.

Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta

The Grand Excelsior Hotel, harbour-side in Valletta

Location: Valletta
Cost: €100/£85 – €150/£130 per night

The Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta is located just outside of Valletta, offers nice views across Marsamxett Harbour (to the West of Valletta) and is a comfortable place to stay. The biggest benefit of staying here is the location and the quality of accommodation is of a high standard.


  • Good location, just outside Malta’s capital city of Valletta and quite central for those looking to explore the island.
  • Good facilities, comfortable rooms, friendly staff and everything you’d expect from a hotel of this rating
  • Although the hotel restaurants get mixed reviews, it’s the choice of restaurants in Valletta that are the real benefit here. Entertainment is also just around the corner.
Things to consider

  • It’s a fairly modern hotel but some of the exteriors already look a little tired, which is a shame for a 5-star hotel
  • The hotel is located at sea level, while Valletta itself is perched a little higher, which means there’s a steep incline (or steps) to climb if you’re looking to walk up to the city.
  • Although you can swim in the sea, and the view of Marsamxett Harbour is nice, it’s not the prettiest place to swim and there’s no (sandy) beach nearby. Then again, you wouldn’t stay in Valletta for a beach holiday anyway.

Hilton Malta

The marina at the Hilton Malta

Location: St. Julian’s
Cost: €100/£86 – €250/£215 per night

A familiar name in the hotel world, the Hilton Malta at Portomaso in St. Julian’s is a luxury hotel that has maintained a high standard of accommodation for a number of years now. Located on the border between Malta’s nightlife centre and the quieter Spinola Bay, its location by the sea is paired with all the luxuries you’d expect from a hotel with this name.


  • Unique location in the heart of St. Julian’s
  • High standards for comfort and amenities, with eye for details
  • Great option for business travel as well
  • On-premise restaurants offer a good option for lunches and dining and a lot more choice within minutes’ walk.
Things to consider

  • Wide price range depending on the season, easier to get a good deal than elsewhere but can get pricey
  • Large resort hotel so not the quietest 5-star option around.

The Xara Palace

The Xara Palace hotel, at the heart of Mdina

The Xara Palace has a charm not encountered in any other hotel in its class in Malta. You’ll encounter a good balance of quality facilities and rooms, brilliant location with views and a good base to explore the rest of the island from.

Location:  Inside the old city of Mdina, Malta
Cost: €120/£103 – €250/£215 per night


  • Unique location, atop a hill strategically chosen in a city built centuries ago. Top tourist spot (and for good reason), but not crowded with tourists.
  • Good location to explore the rest of the island from
  • Brilliant views across the main island Malta
  • Good standards of facilities, friendly staff, comfortable and uniquely laid out rooms, some with small terraces and jacuzzis
  • Although you won’t have the widest choice of restaurants around, there’s a good mix of quality restaurants and wine bars, also in nearby Rabat.
Things to consider

  • If you prefer modern interiors, this isn’t the place for you
  • Although some of the nicer beaches aren’t far away, you wouldn’t choose to stay here if sun and beach are your top holiday priorities
  • A small point, since distances are short, but if you’re renting a car the available parking is a few minutes’ walk away
  • The hotel is housed in an authentic old building, which has its charms but despite good upkeep, you may encounter small issues. It seems staff is very helpful in making sure all is in order, but if you’re looking for perfection to a tee you might not like small imperfections.

The Westin Dragonara Resort

The Westin Dragonara Resort is a luxury hotel in St. Julian's.

Location: St. Julian’s
Cost: €110/£95 – €260/£225 per night

The Westin Dragonara Resort is one of the few 5-star hotels in Malta that offer the premium feel you’d expect from accommodation with that rating. Spacious, high-quality interiors with a good standard of facilities throughout and a large gym, this hotel is a popular choice for travellers with deep pockets.

Although located in a nice part of the island, you’ll need a short walk to get to the more central part of St. Julian’s where you can find the better restaurants in the area.


  • Premium feel to match 5-star rating
  • High-quality accommodation, with an eye for detail
  • Large gym and good-sized indoor pool, as well as large outdoor pool with sea view
Things to consider

  • Good location, although getting to the centre of St. Julians requires a short walk
  • Weirdly, in-room wi-fi is charged separately and is expensive. Pity.

Radisson Blu Golden Sands

The Radisson Blu Golden Sands is considered to be one of the best hotels in Malta.

Location: Golden Bay, on the West coast of Malta. Nearest villages: Manikata and Mġarr.
Cost: €100/£85 – €200 / £170 per night

Currently one of the best hotels in Malta thanks to its unique location, the Radisson Blu Golden Sands is an excellent choice if your holiday is focused on relaxation and hotel and beach life.

High standards, all the facilities you’d expect and one of the most beautiful locations on the island, right on one of the bigger beaches at Golden Bay, with a magnificent sea view.


  • Excellent location if you’re looking for “hotel + beach”.
  • Peaceful, even when it gets busy, with little more than countryside around (which is rare in Malta) and a nature reserve nearby
  • Self-catering apartments available
  • All the facilities you’d expect from an establishment of this standard, and franchise.
  • Myoka Spa – Local spa franchise with a good reputation – tried and tested and approved. 😉
  • Good choice for an off-season visit (and good value rooms to be booked).

Things to consider

  • Not the best location to explore the islands from, unless you’re a confident driver looking to rent a car. Although a bus stop with a direct route to Valletta can be found just outside the hotel it can take over an hour to get there by bus.
  • Restaurant choice limited, although good quality food and dining experience and not overly expensive. There are three restaurants in the hotel complex, one or two nearby.
  • Timeshare apartments are sold. I can’t tell you to what extent timeshare sales guys pose a nuisance here, but they’re active there.

Kempinski San Lawrenz

The Kempinski San Lawrenz hotel, located in the centre of island Gozo

Location: San Lawrenz, Gozo
Cost: €100/£85 – €150/£130 per night

This hotel is known locally as one of the top hotels around, and with its quiet and rural setting in the generally more quiet island of Gozo, it’s a perfect place for a comfortable retreat. Although facilities are up to standard some features of the hotel could do with a little refurbishment.


  • Few places around the Maltese islands will give you this much peace and quiet combined with this much comfort.
  • Location-wise, Gozo is a lovely place to explore and discover
  • Family-friendly
Things to consider

  • Most of the places of interest are located in Malta, so if you’re looking to explore and get to know Malta as a country, Gozo might not be the best place to do so
  • Some features of the hotel look a little tired and are in need of refurbishment
  • The location is a little remote though in any case it’s highly recommended to rent a car in Gozo to get around.

4-Star Malta hotels

Hugo’s Boutique Hotel

Room at the Hugo's Boutique Hotel

Location: Paceville (St. Julian’s)
Cost: €70/£60 – €120/£105 per night

A fairly new addition in the area, Hugo’s Boutique Hotel provides a unique style of accommodation with edgy looking interiors and offering well-furnished and -equipped rooms. What makes this hotel unique is that it’s an adult-only hotel, with a slightly mischievous character.

The important thing to know is that it’s located in the heart of nightlife centre Paceville. If you’re looking for a peaceful and quiet location, this hotel may not be the best choice.


  • Modern, edgy interiors
  • Comfortable, well-equipped rooms
  • Facilities of a high standard – Great rooftop pool with views
Things to consider

  • Not suited for families with children, in fact branded as ADULTS ONLY
  • Due to location in the middle of Malta’s nightlife centre – be aware it can get noisy, despite double glazing.

AX The Victoria Hotel

One of the rooms at the AX Victoria Hotel in Sliema

Location: Sliema
Cost: €100/£111 – €150/£128 per night

The AX Victoria Hotel offers a solid option in the quiet heart of Sliema, an otherwise busy seaside resort along the northern coastline of Malta. With a stylish homely interior, quality amenities (including gym, pool and business centre) it offers all the comfort you’d expect from a 4-star hotel and value in an area where quality accommodation isn’t necessarily the norm.


  • One of the best hotels in Sliema
  • Private parking available
  • All parts of Sliema, plus St. Julian’s are within walking distance.
  • Close proximity to Ferries area, offering quick access to Valletta and boat tours to other parts of Malta.
Things to consider

  • Room rates can get rather pricey for a 4-star hotel
  • Not a great location if you want to get around by car.

Hotel Juliani

Hotel Juliani at St. Julians

Location: St. Julian’s
Cost: €90/£77 – €170/£145 per night

Fully deserving its four stars, Hotel Juliani provides a high level of accommodation and is located along Spinola Bay, one of the nicer parts of town overlooking the bay.

Although amenities and rooms are on par with similar hotels listed above, rates are a little higher here because of its location. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent option if you’re not on a budget and you won’t need to worry about good food options – there’s a good choice of restaurants right on the hotel’s doorstep.


  • Modern, nicely done up hotel
  • Great views over Spinola Bay
  • Good choice of restaurants nearby
  • Public transport connections nearby as well
Things to consider

  • Can be a little pricey
  • Bathrooms apparently a little on the small side

Argento Hotel

The Argento Hotel is located around the corner from Spinola Bay, St. Julians.

Location: St. Julian’s
Cost: €50/£77 – €110/£145 per night

Another, more affordable, option in St. Julians is the Argento Hotel that provides quality accommodation at reasonable rates. With a modern look, high-quality amenities and stylishly decorated rooms, it’s one of my personal favourites.

Situated right around the corner from Spinola Bay, you’ll be staying in a central part of town but within reach of some of the nicer parts and restaurants. The St. Julians bus terminus is also nearby and with a 5-minute walk, you’re well connected to other parts of the island.


  • Great location – not too busy but right around the corner from some of the nicest parts of St. Julians
  • High-quality, modern accommodation at reasonable rates
  • Rooftop pool, all amenities you need to be comfortable
  • Public transport connections close by

Things to consider

  • A few complaints about lack of sound proofing and located in a slightly busier part of town, on the edge of nightlife centre Paceville.
  • Not quite 4-star, despite its rating, but not a deal-breaker in my book, thanks to the reasonable rates.

db San Antonio Hotel & Spa

The db San Antonio Hotel & Spa, located in Qawra

Location: Qawra / Buġibba
Cost: €140/£120 – €300/£260 per night

db San Antonio Hotel & Spa is one of the few quality hotels around in this popular tourist area and was recently refurbished to high standards with comfortable rooms, a stone’s throw away from the sea (and also offering sea view rooms).


  • High-quality facilities and comfortable rooms
  • Friendly, helpful and professional staff
  • Good hotel restaurants and choice of restaurants in the area (for mixed budgets). Also, a number of English-style pubs are located in the area.
  • Parking facilities available in underground garage (in an area of Malta where parking is notoriously hard to find during the high season)
  • Family-friendly

Things to consider

  • Great hotel, but rather expensive (thanks to it’s recent facelift)
  • Although the location certainly isn’t bad, it is a tourist hotspot and although an (artificial) beach can be found right opposite the hotel, it’s not necessarily the nicest place to go for a swim. It’s worth a small walk to swim at a (rocky) bay called Ta` Fra Ben (Qawra point).

Dolmen Hotel Malta

The Dolmen Resort Hotel

Location: Qawra seafront
Cost: €100/£85 – €140/£120 per night

The Dolmen Hotel Malta is located at the Qawra/Buġibba sea front and has good quality facilities and restaurants. If you like a little gambling, the hotel is also home to one of the few casinos on the island.


  • Generally speaking: comfortable, well-furnished rooms
  • Parking facilities available
  • Family-friendly
  • Decent choice of restaurants nearby, food of hotel restaurants gets mixed reviews, however, as does their buffet breakfast
  • Sea view rooms available with modest rates increase
  • Myoka spa – Local spa franchise with a good reputation, and for good reason
Things to consider

  • Be wary of timeshare sales folk
  • Not the quietest hotel on the island, from what I’ve been told
  • Reports of some rooms needing maintenance and refurbishments, while others were recently improved.
  • Although the location certainly isn’t bad, it is a tourist hotspot and although an (artificial) beach can be found right opposite the hotel, it’s not necessarily the nicest place to go for a swim. It’s worth a small walk to swim at a (rocky) bay called Ta` Fra Ben (Qawra point).

AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest

The Seashells Resort at Suncrest at Qawra

Location: Qawra
Cost: €100/£85 – €120/£105 per night

The AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest is one of the larger hotels in Qawra and is usually in high demand. Although listed as a 4-star property, it doesn’t quite reach that level, although room rates are reasonable nevertheless.

With a location that’s suitable for most types of travellers, the hotel has a large outdoor pool across the road, right at the seafront and is located near Ta` Fra Ben for those who prefer swimming in the sea (or snorkelling).


  • Good quality accommodation at reasonable rates
  • Suitable for most types of travellers
  • Good choice of restaurants and pubs nearby
  • Evening entertainment
Things to consider

  • Busy hotel and busy area on the whole in high season
  • Parts of the hotel in need of a little refurbishment

Salini Resort

Salini Resort hotel

Location: Salini
Cost: €115/£100 – €170/£145 per night

The Salini Resort is a hotel located just outside the Buġibba/Qawra/St. Paul’s Bay area. It’s a good option for those looking to benefit from a location suitable for exploring Malta while not being right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of what can be a rather busy location during the high season.

Having undergone refurbishment recently, you get good quality and modern accommodation with relative peace and quiet. This hotel gets very good reviews now that it’s been revamped so definitely worth considering.


  • High quality, modern accommodation. Recently refurbished.
  • Quiet all-inclusive resort, located outside of the busier parts of the Buġibba/Qawra/St. Paul’s Bay area
  • Highly rated staff and service
  • Free car park on-site
Things to consider

  • If you’re not renting a car, you might not be happy with the location. There are few restaurants/bars around in the immediate vicinity and although nearby, it’s quite a walk to get to Buġibba, Qawra and St. Paul’s Bay. The hotel offers a shuttle to the heart of these villages and public transport is accessible right outside the hotel, but you depend on others for transport.

db Seabank Resort + Spa

Seabank Resort and Spa

Location: Mellieħa
Cost: €120/£105 – €240/£205 per night

Having undergone a major renovation and upgrade a couple of years ago, the Seabank Hotel Malta (Resort + Spa) is a popular choice for couples and families with children looking to stay in the Mellieħa area. Located at the foot of the main road coming down from the village, you’ll be staying right at the edge of Malta’s largest sandy beach, Mellieħa Bay.

The hotel itself offers comfortable accommodation with amenities of a high standard and a great outdoor pool.


  • Great location, with Mellieha Bay (largest sandy beach) right across the road
  • Good option for couples, also suitable for families with children
  • Good choice of restaurants, with a few great options located in the centre of Mellieha as well
  • Spacious, nicely decorated rooms
  • Parking facilities available in underground garage
  • Gozo and Comino are easy to reach from this location
Things to consider

  • If you’re looking to explore Malta (and Gozo), you’ll definitely need a car. Public transport is easily accessible but transit times to other parts of Malta can be pretty long.
  • Unless you like a steep uphill walk, you’ll need to catch a bus to get into the centre of Mellieha

Ramla Bay Resort

Location: Marfa, close to Ċirkewwa (Gozo ferry). Nearest village: Mellieħa.
Cost: €50/£45 – €150/£130 per night

This hotel complex has been around for a good number of years but was refurbished fairly recently and is a good option for a quality holiday at a reasonable price, also for families with kids.

Although remote, access to quieter roads that lead to other parts of the island is a benefit.


  • Beautiful location, overlooking the channel with views of Comino and Gozo
  • Easy access to both Comino and Gozo, with ferries within walking distance
  • Balanced location to explore all three islands, although expect a bit of travel time to go around
  • Peaceful, in the countryside and close to the sea
  • Private sandy beach, relatively clean and water sports offered.
  • One of the few hotels in Malta that take entertainment seriously.
  • Good option for families with kids
Things to consider

  • Car hire is a must if you want to go around. Bus stops nearby but long commutes to places of interest in Malta.
  • Restaurant choice very limited. Hotel restaurant offers decent (buffet) food at a reasonable price but the only other options are a nearby hotel’s restaurant and a ‘lido’ with good food but not necessarily a place everyone would enjoy visiting and usually opens only during the summer months.
  • Recent construction works means the hotel hasn’t quite settled back into regular operations. I suggest you book or summer 2018 at the earliest.

Pergola Club Hotel & Spa

Pergola Club Hotel & Spa

Location: Mellieħa
Cost: €50/£45 – €130/£110 per night

Located near the centre of Mellieħa, the Pergola Hotel & Spa offers decent accommodation and good facilities at reasonable prices. Most of the rooms are quite spacious, although small rooms are also offered here, so choose your room carefully. If you’re looking for an option for accommodation in Mellieħa, this is a good option to consider.

Having said that, you would choose to stay here if you want to be close to a large sandy beach or you want to stay in a quiet village to explore the rest of Malta from. If you belong to the second group, you’ll want to hire a car and public parking is difficult to find near this hotel. They offer private parking but expect to pay €8/day as a separate charge.


  • Good location, near the centre of Mellieha
  • Clean, comfortable rooms (although small rooms are offered!)
  • Good facilities, good service
  • Rooftop dining area with nice views
  • Good place to explore the rest of Malta from
Things to consider

  • Private parking expensive (€8/day) and a necessity if hiring a car
  • Confusing hotel layout
  • Hotel restaurant food not great, although good dining options within walking distance
  • Listed as 4-star, really and truly a 3-star hotel

Maritim Antonine Hotel & Spa

The rooftop pool a the Maritim Antonine Hotel & Spa in Mellieħa

Location: Mellieħa
Cost: €40/£35 – €130/£110 per night

The Maritim Antonine is one of the better options when looking for a hotel in Mellieħa, providing good quality accommodation fairly close to Mellieħa Bay. With spacious rooms and good facilities, you can get a good value deal here for a comfortable stay.


  • Clean, comfortable and spacious rooms
  • Good facilities
  • Family-friendly (babysitting service offered)
  • Free beach shuttle service to get down to Mellieħa Bay
Things to consider

  • Limited nightlife in the area
  • Located along the main road, which is busy with traffic passing by (including heavy vehicles).

Good value hotels

Park Lane Aparthotel

Park Lane Apart Hotel

Location: Qawra
Cost: €65 / £55 – €120 / £102 per night

Located in the popular tourist village of Qawra, the Park Lane Aparthotel is something a little bit of a gem in an area that’s known more for larger, family-oriented hotels. Offering a mix of hotel rooms and self-catering apartments, its unassuming, modern interiors and central location offer a good option to couples of all ages.


  • Smaller hotel, also offering self-catering apartments
  • More suitable for couples (as opposed to families with children), being quieter
  • High quality, modern accommodation that is reasonably priced
  • Good location, close to seafront and around the corner from Buġibba bus terminus
Things to consider

  • Few amenities aside from the small rooftop pool and terrace. Not a huge con if you’re not looking for a resort-type hotel.
  • No private parking. If you’re renting a car, you can use the paid parking (€5/day) of the nearby db San Antonio Hotel + Spa, which is 5 minutes away on foot.
  • Can get pricey as demand during the high season rises.

Pebbles Boutique Aparthotel

The view from the Pebbles Boutique Aparthotel.

Location: Sliema
Cost: €70/£60 – €90/£80 per night

If you’re looking to stay in a hotel by the sea and in a central part of Malta, the Pebbels Boutique Aparthotel may be a good option. Although rated as a 3-star hotel, the value is certainly there and the location hard to beat.


  • One of the best-reviewed hotels in the area
  • Right at the Ferries side of Sliema, making it easy to get to places like Valletta, Gozo and Sliema
  • Amenities of a good standard
Things to consider

  • Great restaurants around, but a little pricey.
  • Self-catering might not be what you’re after
  • Location not suitable if you want to rent a car

Cheap Budget Hotels

If you’re on a tight budget it can be a real challenge to find a regular hotel with low nightly rates in Malta where you get decent value. That’s why I only have a few options I can actually recommend looking into.

If you don’t necessarily need a hotel with breakfast, there are other options for budget accommodation, such as Airbnb. With this referral link you can get a little discount on top. 😉

Grand Harbour Hotel

The Grand Harbour Hotel in Valletta - one of the more popular Malta hotels

Location: Valletta
Cost: €65 / £56 – €100 / £86 per night

Although it’s technically a two-star rated place, it’s a quaint little hotel in the heart of Valletta, overlooking Grand Harbour, which gets great reviews and is highly popular among tourists. Great value for a reasonably comfortable place to stay at a great location.


  • Reasonably priced, yet well served
  • Great location, especially for the price
  • Clean rooms, friendly and helpful stuff
  • Rooms have air conditioning, which is an absolute must in summer and isn’t normally offered in a two-star hotel
Things to consider

  • Requires early booking. Rooms sell out pretty quickly, especially during the high season
  • If you’re looking to rent a car it may be difficult to find a place to park, even though public parking spaces are available nearby.

Cheap Budget Hotels

If you’re on a tight budget it can be a real challenge to find a regular hotel with low nightly rates in Malta where you get decent value. That’s why I only have a few options I can actually recommend looking into.

If you don’t necessarily need a hotel with breakfast, there are other options for budget accommodation, such as Airbnb. With this referral link you can get a little discount on top. 😉

Porto Del Sol

Bedroom at the Porto Del Sol Hotel.

Location: Xemxija
Cost: €30/£26 – €75/£65 per night

The Porto Del Sol is located at the bottom of Xemxija Hill, on the outskirts of St. Paul’s Bay and on the main road leading to Mellieħa. It’s a no frills, no fuss type of hotel with basic but comfortable rooms and self-catering with a kitchenette. With nice views out over Xemxija Bay, it’s a decent option at modest rates.


  • Great views, especially for the prices charged
  • Friendly staff
  • Clean rooms, decent beds
  • Bus stop right outside the hotel with connections to major places of interest

  • Very basic rooms with old furniture
  • No soundproofing so if you’re sensitive to noise, pack a good set of earplugs
  • Wi-fi connectivity doesn’t seem to be available all throughout, best to contact staff in advance and check (or request a room with good reception)

Mavina Hotel & Apartments

The reception area at the Mavina Hotel and Apartments.

Location: Buġibba
€35/£30 – €70/£60 per night

The Mavina Hotel & Apartments offer good value for money with all the basics you need for a stay at one of Malta’s most popular destinations. Located at the heart of town, everything is situated within a short walking distance.


  • Location – Close to the seafront, main bus terminus (easy to get to other places around Malta) and local shops and restaurants.
  • Good value – Free wifi and basic air conditioning are included.
  • Self-catering option – Many of the spacious rooms are equipped with a kitchenette.

  • Expect no more than bare basics – Good for a restful night but not the kind of hotel to hang around around the pool. There’s no reason to anyway.
  • Not suitable for the winter months with no adequate heating offered and poor insulation.

Hotels on the beach

Despite being an island nation, there are few hotels in Malta that are located on some of the bigger beaches, or that have their own private beach. Those that do will obviously charge a premium, but perhaps that’s not a big issue for you.

If staying near the beach is a priority for you, you could consider staying at these hotels that are part of my recommendations above:

  • The Radisson Blu Golden Sands hotel is one of the best hotels on the island, with a 5-star rating but also a 5-star price tag, so probably not for everyone. It’s located on one of the cliffs overlooking Golden Bay, and, gives hotel guests direct access to the beach and has a small private beach area to offer as well.
  • The Ramla Bay Resort is a 4-star hotel with reasonable rates, and has its own little private sandy beach. It is, however, located quite remotely in the far Northern point of Malta and getting to the nearest large beach (Mellieha Bay) will take a short car ride (although it’s in walking distance)

These are other hotels to consider that give you direct access to a sandy beach (but for which I cannot give you any recommendations from personal experience unfortunately):

  • The Comino Hotel (again, as you’d expect) is located on the small island of Comino, in between main island Malta and Gozo. The hotel has a few small sandy beaches right outside and is located nearby the famous Blue Lagoon as well. Those are the pros. The cons are: 1) The hotel looks pretty tired, and although it’s not expensive and will be sufficient if you just need the basics, it does need refurbishment and 2) There isn’t an awful lot to do on Comino, which is barely inhabited and features little more than the hotel itself.
  • Also not quite on the beach, but right across Marsalforn Bay you can find the Calypso Hotel, in Gozo. It seems to be a decent hotel, with reasonably good ratings and comfortable rooms. As a location, it’s a good spot to explore Gozo from, but that has to be the purpose of your stay there. It would be impractical to use it as a base to get to know Malta as a country from. There’s nothing wrong with Gozo – beautiful bays, nice restaurants, relatively quiet, lots of unspoilt nature, etc.

How can I improve these hotel recommendations?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

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  1. Hi Ed.

    My family and I are staying in Malta in April 2019. We have older kids, they’re pretty chilled but would really like a pool and good food. I’m a stickler for cleanliness and my partner likes a decent size bed.

    The kids are wanting to snorkel at blue lagoon, swim with the dolphins at the marine park and do the electric tour cars. My partner wants to try some good restaurants.

    I’ve been researching into hotels and am having real trouble finding something to suit.

    I need somewhere within reach of the activities the kids want to do, with a good pool and food and decent size beds in a clean hotel.

    Any suggestions?



    • Hi Adele, without knowing what budget you’re looking at it’s hard to make a recommendation. Location-wise probably St. Julian’s is your best bet. There’s a direct bus that passes by the Marine Park and you can take the bus to Sliema Ferries to hop on a boat to get to the Blue Lagoon. Great choice of restaurants in the area as well.

  2. I am thinking of staying in St. Paul Bay at San Antonio Hotel or the Dolmen Resort Hotel. I got Cerebral Palsy and use sticks. Wondering which one is better for disabled people?

    • Hi Chris, the San Antonio has 5-6 shallow steps to descend to enter the reception area while the Dolmen doesn’t but the road leading to the entrance isn’t level. I’m not sure which would be the biggest challenge for you but I hope that info helps you make up your mind!

  3. Hi we are going to Malta end of January beginning of February what would you expect in terms of weather . Also was residing at the DB San Antonio . Do you have any knowledge on his specific hotel

    • Hi Elizabeth, I won’t lie to you – February is usually one of the coldest and dreariest months of the year. Having said that, the sun is never far away so there’s always a chance of good weather. Hard to predict of course!

      The DB San Antonio I listed in this article – a hotel I would recommend without hesitation.

  4. This is a great site. Thanks for all your research as it makes it so much easier for a first-time traveller to Malta! This will be a short 3-night, 3 full days stay so thought Valletta would be the best choice for us. My husband and I prefer smaller hotels with character and are thinking about the Barrakka Suites. Can you rate it or suggest alternatives? We are planning to use the public transportation to get around.

    • Hi Pat, thank you, I’m happy to hear the site’s been useful to you so far! 🙂 I recommend Barrakka Suites as one of the best options in Valletta, in fact, you can find my comments as well as more recommendations here: Hotels and other accommodation in Valletta

  5. Sorry just to say – we are a family of 4, so we want a family hotel.

    We are also thinking about going in April 2017. What weather would we be likely to get?

    • All hotels you mentioned are family-friendly as such, though location-wise (as mentioned regarding nightlife) unless your children are well into their teens, the Intercontinental may not be the best choice.

      April is usually sunny and temperature around 20 C during the day. More info on that here.

  6. This is by far one of the best sites when thinking about travelling to Malta.

    I am looking for a premium 5 Star Property in St Julians. The ones I saw on Trip Advisor are – The Hilton (just newly renovated, The Westin, The Intercontinental, Corinthia and the Radisson Bleu.

    Can you help me out with the following:

    1. Which is the best in your opinion and why?
    2. Do any of these offer all inclusive?
    3. How far are these from the town centre and restaurants?

    • Hi Adarsh,

      Although I’ve stayed at The Westin, Corinthia and Radisson Blu myself, I haven’t at the Hilton and Intercontinental. What I can tell you is that in my opinion both the Corinthia and Radisson Blu need a little attention in terms of rooms and interiors. They’re not bad, don’t get me wrong, though if you have the budget I’d suggest the Hilton.

      Location-wise, the Corinthia and Radisson Blu are on the outskirts and not the closest to St. Julian’s centre. The Intercontinental is closer to the centre but also located right in the middle of the Paceville area (known as the centre of local nightlife), which is great if you enjoy nights out. The Westin is on the edge of that area so not bad location-wise. Overall, apart from being the better choice qualitatively, the location of the Hilton is better – you’ll be close to Balluta bay and some of the better restaurants around. If budget isn’t a issue, that would be my choice.

  7. Hi Edward,

    My husband & myself are thinking of a christmas break, we have visited Malta twice before but in the summer, I have earmarked 2 hotels & wondered which you thought would be best for a winter christmas visit, the Hilton in St Julians or The Phoenicia in Valletta?

    • Hi Jo, assuming you’re looking to do a little sightseeing as well I’d say Valletta will be a better location for that time of year.

  8. Dear Edward
    What a great site this is. Lots of very well written information.
    I would like to ask about Mellieha Bay Hotel in particular. We have a 12 yr old daughter with extra needs who is mobile and loves the sea so the sandy beach and pools are good but it needs to be child friendly. We also like to visit historic sites and wondered if it could be done by bus or is a rental car the best way? We aim to visit the end of May.
    Can we hire a car in Mellieha (it would save two days rental) or is the airport the best option.
    Can you suggest any alternatives.
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Lewis, thank you for the feedback, I’m happy you find the site to be useful to you! These are my answers to your queries:
      * Location-wise, the Mellieha Bay Hotel is a good option, with easy access to the beach, though you might be more comfortable at the Mellieha Holiday Centre (which will undoubtedly be more pricey, however), which also offers easy access through a tunnel underneath the road and also having a good-sized pool on its premises. Another option could be the db Seabank Resort & Spa as well. Do keep in mind that towards the end of May the weather will be good though sea temperatures will still be pretty chilly. The first half of June may be a better option in that regard (you’ll still beat the large high season crowds)
      * You can technically use the bus to get pretty much anywhere (and allow easy access being low floor buses), though it will definitely be easier and more comfortable for your child to have your own transport.
      * Yes, you can hire a car in Mellieha, in fact most rental companies will deliver a rental car to your hotel of choice free of charge. In the area I know that Drifter provide good service (they’re my parents’regular choice whenever they rent a car in Malta).

      I hope that helps!

  9. Hi Edward, just wanted to thank you for this honest and helpful round-up of the best hotels around Malta. It’s very well thought-through and incredibly useful as we come to plan a birthday getaway. 🙂

    • Hi Sam, thank you for the feedback – enjoy your stay! 🙂

  10. We are due to stay at Radisson Blu St Julien’s Bay – are you willing to review please?
    Is it easy to access local restaurants? Easy to travel to Valletta?
    Thank you

    • Hi Barry,
      The hotels I’ve listed above are the ones I would actually recommend to friends or family. I’m not a big fan of the Radisson Blu St. Julian’s myself at this point. Although the hotel at Golden Bay is a much better example of what you’d expect of a Radisson hotel, the one at St. Julians is, in my opinion at least, long overdue for refurbishment, especially considering the rates charged.

      It IS easy to get to good local restaurants, although some of the better ones will be a 15-minute walk away on the other side of St. George’s Bay towards the Balluta area, and the bus stop on the main road means you can reach Valletta easily.

  11. Hi. I’m interested in the Qawra Palace but reviews are very mixed. Can you help me please?

    • Hi Alli, the Qawra Palace Hotel is similar to the Seashells resort though sits more on the “cheep and cheerful” side. It’s very much a budget family hotel in need of refurbishment, last I heard. I’ve listed it together with a few other options in that area here

  12. Hi, I booked at the Panorama hotel in Mellieha – can you rate it? Thank you! Anna

    • Hi Anna,

      I’ve never stayed there myself, nor do I know anyone who has. All I can tell you it’s not the most modern hotel and there are probably better options around that offer more value for money. A couple of places that come to mind: Mellieha Holiday Centre and the Maritim Antonine Hotel & Spa, for example.


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