What's the best time of year to go to Malta?

What’s the best time of year to go to Malta?

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I often get asked what the best time of year is to visit Malta. The answer isn’t always easy to give. It really depends on why you’re travelling to this small island nation and what type of Malta holiday you’re looking for.

The short answer that applies to most types of travellers is April, May and June.

What's the best time of year to go to Malta?


  1. You usually get the best weather throughout the year in this period. It’s mostly sunny, spring means temperatures rise and May is usually the month where swimmers start heading to the beaches.
  2. Spring is the time of year when some of the best annual events are organised: Medieval Mdina (reenactments in one of the top tourist attractions), the international fireworks festival in Valletta, Festa Frawli (fresh strawberries everywhere), Isle of MTV, Earth Garden, etc. In April/May, local village feasts (festi) – an important part of Maltese culture – also start becoming more frequent.
  3. You beat the tourist high season (July – September), which means Malta is far less busy, you can get better deals on flights, hotels and rental cars and you also avoid the 30+ °C (86+ °F) temperatures and potential heat waves.
  4. You get to see Malta and Gozo at their nicest. Summers are hot and dry, so this time of year means the islands will be much greener. Perfect if you want to explore the countryside or the numerous places to visit in Malta.

If the summer heat is something you long for and actually want for your holiday, you have two options.

1) Go in July, August or September. There’s a good chance you won’t see a single cloud in the sky during your whole stay and you’re guaranteed to get a tan even if you stay in the shade. Yes, it will be busy on the beaches, but not to the extent that it’s likely to be an annoyance to you.

Be aware, though, the further into August/September you plan your holiday, the more likely it is that the rising humidity will bug you. Further into September there’s also a chance for freak rainstorms (signalling the change of season) to cause floods in the lower lying parts of Malta and Gozo.

2) Go in the second half of September or October. Forget about autumn. Malta’s autumn usually comes and goes in a matter of weeks. Temperatures are still around 25-30 °C (77-86 °F)

If your main focus is exploring the Maltese islands, your best bet is basically any month apart from July/August. December, January and February are usually the coldest and wettest months of the year. One year the weather remains relatively sunny, the next you could be unlucky with cloudy and rainy weather. It’s a bit of a gamble, that time of year.

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  1. Edward is it still warm at the end of September in Malta?

    • It sure is Chris, often well into October even.

  2. Planning a 7 day trip to Malta in mid February. Is this a good time to go?


    • Hi Coleen, that’s pretty early in the season and unless you’re very lucky the weather’s unlikely to be warm and sunny. “Museum weather”, so to speak.

  3. We’re looking for a beach holiday somewhere warm/hot for our family of 3 teenagers in October 2018. Ideally somewhere that offers some water-sports stand-up boarding, cycling, walking, gym. Will Malta have anything to offer?

    • Hi Anne, it’ll still be warm at that time of year and watersports are available at a few of the more popular beaches like Mellieħa Bay and Golden Bay. Cycling/mountain biking I would only really recommend in Gozo, as Malta’s roads are pretty busy and don’t cater for cyclists much at all. Gozo is still relatively quiet so easier/safer to get around by bike. There are several gyms around in the more popular areas and happy to suggest a few once you decide where in Malta/Gozo you’d like to stay. I hope that helps!

      • Thank you 🙂

  4. My girlfriend and I are going for a couple at days in late October. Is the island still busy with tourists or will it be a little quieter?

    • Hi Luca, it’ll be a lot quieter than July/August but the downside is that the weather can be a little unpredictable (even though warm, temperature-wise).

  5. Hello Ed,
    My husband and I are planning a trip to Sicily in October. I stumbled upon your wonderful website while doing some pre -trip research, on Malta! I am most fascinated with Malta’s long history and it’s beauty. I would like to include Malta either prior to or after our trip to Sicily. The Sicily tour begins on October 16 th in Palermo, although we were thinking about going to Catania for a few nights prior and then taking a train to Palermo to begin our tour. Your website is very informative, and I so happy to have discovered it!
    I am hoping you can help me though, since The details of doing this side trip have me in quite a conundrum!
    First, the longest I think we can afford to stay ( based on the accommodation prices would be 4 nights, unless you know some convenient places that are under 135/ night? I had heard pirices in Malta arevery reasonable, but so far the hotel, B and B costs look pretty steep.
    Secondly, I’m wondering if you can suggest where we should stay if we would like to go to Gozo also? I’m not thrilled about having to stay more than one place, but we will if that’s the best way.
    Third, I have read many mixed reviews about the public transit, but I’m a bit concerned about
    where we can park, ( as well as driving on the right side!) the trafffic, and best place to rent a car if we get one? At the airport or once we get to Valetta or wherever we stay?
    We were going to also try to visit the small towns in the “boot” of Italy, but I think Malta is going to be our choice instead due to its convenience to Sicily!
    I look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Thank you in advance for your help,

    • Hi Barbara, thanks, glad you like the site! I’d need a bit more info (e.g. where you’re looking to stay in Malta and how much time you’re looking to spend in Gozo) though I’ll do my best:
      1) Accommodation is often cheaper searching on Airbnb (Added a link that gives you a small discount). Rates will be a lot lower than nearby hotels though you’ll only be able to get self-catering options there, renting directly from property owners.
      2) Gozo – First off, I’d only consider staying there if you feel a day trip isn’t enough. For transport a hop on/hop off is probably the quickest/easiest way around though if you decide to actually stay there (and spend more than a day) I’d highly recommend renting a car. Driving there is easy (even if on the right hand side) and public transport generally gets worse reviews than in Malta.
      3) Where to park really depends on where you’re looking to stay. Worst places are probably Sliema, St. Julian’s and the Bugibba area at this time of year. If you decide to go for Airbnb you could try and get a place with parking included, that could be an option. Otherwise let me know where you want to stay and I’ll give you an idea. Valletta as such isn’t practical for parking for sure, unless again, your choice of accommodation includes private parking. Otherwise you’ll have to park outside city limits and include a 10-15 minute walk. Renting from the airport or Valletta doesn’t make much difference, though perhaps if you’re nervous about driving on the right hand side you’re better off arranging for a car to be delivered at the location of your stay, which is usually included with the price. I hope that helps!


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