The Best Hotels in St. Julian’s from personal experience

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St. Julian’s accommodation is of a pretty high standard, being a popular tourist destination in Malta. The area offers a good variety of hotels, self-catering and holiday apartments, hostels and bed and breakfasts, the best of which I’ve listed in this article.

St. Julian’s is also home to some of the better resorts and luxury hotels in Malta, so if your primary motivation for a Malta holiday is to relax and hang out by the pool, this could be the right location for you.

Where to stay in St. Julian’s: My Tips

If you’re not set on staying at St. Julian’s, have a look at this article: Where best to to stay in Malta. If St. Julian’s is your place to be – read on!

St. Julian’s, once a small fishing village, is a modern part of Malta with high rise buildings, a nightlife centre and various hotels and resorts. It’s a popular location in Malta for both tourists and locals, but it’s also a relatively busy place to be.

I see St. Julian’s as consisting of three major parts, from West to East:

  1. The upper part of St. George’s Bay, where a few of the area’s resorts are located
  2. Paceville, Malta’s main location for nightlife (and to a certain extent English language schools as well)
  3. The Spinola Bay area and the Balluta Bay area (which borders onto the neighbouring village of Sliema)

This is what you should know about St. Julian’s if you’re looking to stay there:

  • As mentioned, wherever you stay you can relax. Be it a resort, a regular hotel or an apartment, this isn’t a crazy busy capital city. Having said that, it is one of the busier parts of Malta.
  • If you’re a foodie and looking for good restaurants, this is a great place to be.
  • St. Julian’s is not a good place to stay if you’re a culture seeker looking to get a taste of the “real” Malta. You can reach other parts of the country quite easily by public transport (buses), but it’s not the most practical location for exploration.
  • If you’re travelling with small children, either choose to stay in a resort/hotel or stay somewhere else altogether. Particularly the Paceville area isn’t great for families with young children. Teenagers will have a blast, however.
  • Although St. George’s Bay has an artificial sandy beach though if the beaches are a priority for you, there are better places to stay.

St. Julian’s Hotel tips

  • If you’re looking for a proper resort where everything you need is close by, the first place to look is the upper part of St. George’s Bay.
  • If you want a hotel or apartment that’s closer to the restaurants and quieter part of town, stay in the Spinola Bay and Balluta Bay areas of St. Julian’s.

Top 10 Hotels and resorts in St. Julian’s

There’s quite a bit of choice in St. Julian’s, so whereas for Sliema hotels I just about managed to recommend 10 hotels, here the issue is shortlisting the ones I would suggest you consider.

My top 10 hotels and resorts is based on personal recommendations that I’d give to family and friends, ranked from the less expensive to the more pricey hotels around.

I have a shortlist for luxury hotels further down below!

Please note: Prices vary depending on the time of year, so rather than give you price indications there are buttons for each option which you can use to check current rates.

The Golden Tulip Vivaldi is located on the edge of the Paceville area known for its nightlife. You can avoid the busier areas but still, this is an option more suited for couples and groups of travellers.

The main reason I recommend this hotel is because you get good value for money. Plus, despite its location, it’s easy to get to the nicer parts of St. Julian’s for good food and for easy access to public transport.

The George is also located on the edge of Paceville and offers good value accommodation, with comfortable rooms, good food and reasonable rates for the area.

A good option for couples and groups looking to stay in a livelier part of Malta in comfort.

The Argento is a lovely hotel with modern interiors and probably the best location within St. Julian’s of all hotels in this location. Situated in a small quiet pocket in the old part of St. Julian’s you’re away from the busiest parts but within a stone’s throw from Spinola Bay and its nice restaurants and quaint views.

If you’d ask me to recommend a hotel on a modest budget, this would be the one.

Hotel Juliani fully deserves its four stars, providing the level of comfort you’d expect from this level of quality. Very comfortable, great service and friendly staff and – provided you book the right rooms – splendid views over Spinola Bay.

You do pay a little extra just for the view and also for its central location, however, if budget isn’t your biggest concern you’ll be happy you did.

This is an option I’d recommend mostly for couples, not necessarily families with children.

Le Méridien Hotel & Spa is one of the few hotels located in the Balluta Bay area, which borders on Sliema. It’s a lovely area to stay and the hotel itself offers nice sea views, as well as nicely decorated rooms.

The amenities are also of a high standard, with a rooftop pool (and views to match) and a spa, sauna and well-equipped gym.

Hugo’s Boutique Hotel is a fairly recent addition to hotels in the area and it’s something a little different. Beautifully decorated, the hotel offers nicely furnished and well-equipped rooms, a great rooftop pool and everything you’d expect from a new 4-star hotel.

The only thing to be aware of is its location: Right in the heart of Paceville. If you don’t like a busy nightclub area or you’re travelling with small children, this might not be the right place for you.

Hotel Valentina is a very smart-looking hotel that’s fairly new in the area and offers high-quality accommodation and a good amenities, especially considering it’s a 3-star hotel. As a result, it consistently receives good reviews and praise from its guests.

The only caveats I want to make you aware of:

  1. High demand really drives up the price to the extent that you won’t get good value for money. Only book here if you can get decent rates.
  2. The hotel is located in one of the back streets of Paceville. Not the nicest area. Having said that, the better parts of St. Julian’s are right around the corner.

With the Intercontinental we’re getting into the luxury segments of hotels in St. Julian’s. The hotel is everything you’d expect from an internationally renowned chain of hotels, and if you book at the right time you can even snag a bargain, with favourable rates not being uncommon here.

It’s probably more of a business hotel than a holiday resort, and it’s located in the centre of Paceville so if you don’t like staying in a busy area, this might not be the best choice. Other than that – great hotel!

The Westin Dragonara Resort is the perfect choice if all you want is a lazy holiday in comfort and luxury. You’ll find all amenities you can think of here, plus the premium feel.

Moreover, unlike other resorts like the nearby Corinthia and Radisson Blu resorts (on the upper side of St. George’s Bay), the Westin has better maintained the quality of its interiors and the location is much closer to the nicer parts of St. Julian’s.

The Hilton is one of the top luxury hotels that Malta has to offer, with the highest standards in accommodation in the St. Julian’s area.

A short walk away from the picturesque Spinola Bay, this is a great choice for high-end accommodation.

Self-catering and holiday apartments in St. Julian’s

Due to the high popularity of St. Julian’s as a tourist destination, self-catering apartments are available but their rates can go up considerably, particularly during the high season.

These are my recommendations for holiday apartments in the area.

Looking for more self-catering options?

Try (get a €22 discount here).

Budget accommodation

Bed and Breakfasts in St. Julian’s

There aren’t many Bed and breakfasts in St. Julian’s, but if that’s your preferred choice of accommodation, these are the ones I’d recommend having a look at:

  • The Stonehouse is by far the most popular B&B around, located close to the seafront at Spinola Bay, and it’s really an option only for early bird bookings that aren’t on too tight a budget, simply because it’s in such high demand. Set in a beautifully restored Maltese house and run by a friendly host, it’s a lovely place to stay.
  • Green Grove Guest House is a far more budget-friendly option (in fact it offers some of the lowest rates around), but they get the basics right and it’s a popular choice for young travellers looking to have a good time in Paceville. It’s a 5-minute walk away from the nightlife there and 10/15-minutes’ walk from Spinola Bay.
  • Majoliche B&B is another good budget option, located right on the edge of Paceville, with low rates for decent accommodation.

Hostels in St. Julian’s

St. Julian’s isn’t home to many decent hostels unfortunately, so I only have one (very good) recommendation for you: Boho Hostel. It’s a highly popular (and highly rated) option with comfortable beds, clean bathrooms, a funky interior and a nice “home feel”.

If you’d like to stay in the area, consider having a look at the hostels around in Sliema.

Do you have any questions?

Leave a comment below and let me know, I’m always happy to help!

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  1. What is the Cavalieri Art Hotel like?

    • Hi Des, it tends to get mixed reviews and that’s why I haven’t included it here. If you get a good deal price-wise you can get decent value but don’t expect anything fancy.

  2. We just got home from a trip to Malta. Lovely country. We stayed at the BeHotel which was nice but I would not stay there again as we could here the music from the bars across the street and we could not sleep. We are seniors.

    • Hi Diana, I’m happy to hear you seem to have had an enjoyable stay and I’m sorry to hear your hotel choice wasn’t quite what you were hoping for. The area you stayed in is Paceville, which is known for its nightlife. Apart from not being a hotel I’d recommend per se, it’s also not an area I’d recommend to seniors either. If you decide to return to Malta, I have better recommendations for you here: Where best to stay in Malta


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