Best Valletta hotels, apartments and other accommodation

Best Valletta hotels, apartments and other accommodation
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If you’re into culture and history but want to be able to explore other places in Malta, Valletta is a great place to stay and look for accommodation in. Because it’s in popular demand, expect to pay well for hotels, apartments and other types of accommodation, however.

Contrary to what you might expect from Malta’s capital city, Valletta doesn’t offer much choice in terms of regular hotels.

Disappointed? Hang on!

There’s a good (and growing) selection of boutique hotels that offer comfortable accommodation in stylishly (and respectfully) renovated old houses in the city’s historical streets.

Boutique hotels aren’t exactly cheap but you can definitely find a deal if you book well in advance. Expect to pay between 100-150 Euro per night in the high season (June – September), while low season rates aren’t far off. Although the “sun and sea” resorts will see far less demand in the low season, Valletta is a popular destination pretty much all year round.

If you have the budget, I’d highly recommend having a look at one of these boutique hotels. It’s for good reason that they receive glowing reviews: They really do offer high-quality accommodation that can really enhance your stay in Malta’s capital.For family stays, however, you’ll need to look for alternatives in terms of traditional hotels and self-catering apartment rentals (which I’ve listed further down below in this article).

For family stays, however, you’ll need to look for alternatives in terms of traditional hotels and self-catering apartment rentals (which I’ve listed further down below in this article).

Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Valletta

Ranked in no particular order, these are ten of the best boutique hotels that exist within the walls of Valletta. Book well in advance to get the best deals (and availability in the first place).

1) Trabuxu Boutique Living

Trabuxu Boutique Living are known locally for their wine bar and restaurant (both also highly recommended by the way!) and their boutique hotel concept is a popular choice among visitors. That’s no wonder considering the rooms are well furnished and each uniquely designed.

Trabuxu Living



2) Valletta Suites

With a choice of three luxury suites, the Valletta Suites are more like self-catering townhouses than hotel rooms. You’re basically living in the city while you stay here, with all the comfort and facilities you need to enjoy your stay. That luxury comes at a premium but if you can afford it definitely put them on your shortlist.

Valletta Suites



3) Valletta Vintage

Offering different types of rooms and studios with a mostly retro, minimalistic interior design, Valletta Vintage offers accommodation with a unique look and feel in the area of Fort St. Elmo, as well as in Birgu (part of the Three Cities, a 15-minute ferry-ride away across Grand Harbour).

valletta vintage



4) Sally Port City Pads

Sally Port City Pads offers a comfortable one bedroom apartments in Valletta as well as in Senglea (Three Cities, across Grand Harbour) with a “home away from home” concept.

Sally Port City Pads - Valletta



5) Valletta G-House

Valletta G-House is a renovated traditional terraced house with three floors, comfortably furnished and located in the heart of Valletta.



6) Ajkla Mansion

One of the lesser known options in this list, Ajkla Mansion offer more modernly decorated studio apartments (7 in all) in a good location within Valletta, at reasonable rates.

ajkla mansion



7) Barrakka Suites

One of the highlights when it comes to boutique hotels in Valletta is Barrakka Suites. Not only is the quality of the apartments they offer of a high standard, the location (near the Upper Barrakka Gardens) is an excellent one.

barrakka suites



8) Ursolino

With a selection of modern, stylishly decorated rooms and suites, Ursolino offers comfortable accommodation in the centre of the capital. Their rates are a little on the high side, however.

Ursolino Valletta



9) Palazzo Prince d’Orange

On the high-end of boutique accommodation in Valletta, you can expect luxury and a price tag to match at Palazzo Prince d’Orange, with different types of apartments on offer.

Palazzo Prince d'Orange



10) Manoel Theatre apartments

Not many people know that within the complex of the historical Manoel Theatre a few modern apartments are rented out at fairly reasonable prices. Have a look on their site here and get in touch for more info.

High-end Accommodation

If you’re not too concerned with cost and just want the cream of the crop with the comfort and amenities of a traditional hotel, have a look at these options:

Hotel Grand Excelsior

Located just outside of Valletta, close to the harbour, Hotel Grand Excelsior offers 5-star accommodation with a variety of suites and harbour views.

The Grand Excelsior Hotel, harbour-side in Valletta



Phoenicia Hotel

Currently undergoing major renovation but opening again in early 2017, the Phoenicia Hotel is located just outside Valletta and is one of the most established hotels in the area, with luxuriously decorated rooms.

phoenicia hotel



Palazzo Consiglia

Somewhat of a cross between a traditional hotel and boutique accommodation, Palazzo Consiglia is unique. With a bit of a retro feel, yet modernly furnished and with high-quality amenities, it’s something a little bit special. Unsurprisingly, their rates are not for the faint-hearted.

Palazzo Consiglia



Casa Ellul

Casa Ellul is probably the epitome of luxury accommodation in Valletta, and although it could classify as a boutique hotel it goes well beyond the standard of boutique accommodation available. With luxurious interiors and amenities like private terraces with jacuzzi, this is a no-brainer if cost isn’t a concern.

Casa Ellul



Self-catering apartments

There are a number of private homeowners who rent out their self-catering apartments at around 80-90 Euro per night. These are a few options to consider. Note: I cannot personally recommend any of the below, unfortunately, although all were carefully selected.

Budget accommodation

Budget travellers will find it hard to find accommodation in Valletta, simply because of the high demand in the area. To add to the difficulty in finding good quality accommodation at budget prices is the fact that the few options available require you to book well in advance.
During the more popular times of the year, you’ll be hard pressed to find accommodation for less than 100 Euro per night.

The most obvious solution if you want to stay within Valletta’s walls? Websites like

Book well in advance and you can find a couple of really nice and comfortable rooms, sometimes even whole apartments in the heart of the city for between €60 and €80 per night, per couple.
If that rate is still over budget, you can also consider:

  • Looking for a place to stay in Floriana, which is within walking distance of Valletta
  • Looking for hotels and apartments in Sliema on the Ferries-side of town. With a simple ferry crossing, you can get to Valletta in 15 minutes at a small fee.

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NEW: Valletta travel guide!

Support - Get a copy of my 159-page Valletta travel guide full of local knowledge!

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