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If you’re wondering whether Malta‘s a good place to travel to, you’ll probably look for reviews from others, and doing your research on sites similar to mine, more often than not either run by someone who has a personal bias (Hi there!), or by a local tourism agency.

The site you’re on is independent, but I’ll admit it’s also not quite objective. I’ve been a life-long fan, and although I’m aware of, and discuss the less attractive aspects of the country, I set out to conduct a little research to see what reviews and opinions I could find of Malta

Who better to turn to than travel bloggers? 🙂

I looked up as many travel bloggers that I could find who visited and reviewed Malta, writing about their experiences. Most got a positive impression, although you’ll find a few who weren’t as impressed.

Read snippets of their reviews below!

The travel bloggers and their reviews

Nomadic Matt

“However, while we moved slowly and my to-do list never quite got completed, I regret nothing. Malta cast a spell on me. I found the locals funny, charismatic, and jovial. They always had a good story to share. And the landscape – wow!”

“… But as I stood wide-eyed, with one ear listening for a car sneaking up behind me, I couldn’t help but notice that it often felt as if Malta was only half-loved. For all the renovated houses and mansions brought back to their historic glory, there were more decrepit and boarded-up ones, sometimes taking up whole blocks. For every beautiful garden and restored square, there seemed to be an equally run-down one. It was as if half the island quickly left and the other half, busy with preservation, was just waiting for them to come back to fix the rest up.”

Matt – Landlopers

“The Maltese are proud, especially of their food, so don’t forget to learn more about the culture through your stomach.

That pride also means that the Maltese are almost always happy to talk about their islands. They know that there’s a lot to love on Malta, and they just want to make sure everyone else does too. I also found everyone to be very helpful, especially during all of those moments when I wasn’t sure where I was going.

On Gozo especially, people also seemed concerned that I knew where I was going and whether or not I needed any help. I’ve been to so many countries where this certainly doesn’t happen and that concern made me feel welcome and comfortable – a remarkable achievement in just a few short days.”

Alex in Wanderland

“My time in Malta was a bit different than I’d expect most travelers’ trips to be. …there are serious benefits to seeing Malta like a (semi) local.

One such example? Circumnavigating the island of Comino on the private speedboat of a Maltese friend.”

Sherry – Ottsworld

Even though I liked Mdina, it was a little too pristine, polished, and touristy for me. I much preferred my time afterwards walking around the town of Rabat watching locals going about their day, stopping into free churches and looking around and stopping for a 1 Euro pastizzi of course.

However stopping in Mdina is definitely time well spent, just make sure you leave enough time to see Rabat if you enjoy present life to past life.”

Kasha – Lines of Escape

“In the 1500s, the Knights of Malta turned their attention to increasing the defense infrastructure of the islands – and these fortifications can still be found all over Malta and Gozo.

All of these former inhabitants left their mark on modern-day Malta – and it’s this mix that made me fall (hopelessly, head over heels) in love with the country during my time there.

And the love affair began on day one, when we spent a full day discovering Valletta and its many treasures.”

Cassie – Ever In Transit

“Maybe the biggest surprise to me was that, while Gozo is a popular weekend getaway for Malta Island residents, few international travelers make the hop to the rural island, and those who do visit only for a day.

My time spent exploring Gozo was the best part of my trip to Malta, and I think it makes a scenic and relaxing base for any trip to the Maltese islands.”

Kash – Budgettraveller.org

“Malta, I have gravely misunderstood you. Growing up in the UK, my image of you has always been that of a package holiday destination. An island crammed with Brits looking for the holy trinity of sun, cheap beer and a sandy beach.

I am glad to report that this all so far from from the truth. Malta is very accessible, budget friendly and caters well to both independent travellers as well as those who still prefer their holidays to be all inclusive.

Becki – Borders of Adventure

“I soon saw that Malta is more than its main draw that is Valletta (even though it’s incredible), but about a small island of sizable VARIETY – in landscape, architecture, history, culture, and cuisine.

One end of the island differs from the next and you can be within a walled city to a tiny tucked away village, and from a bustling beach to a secluded cove within a matter of minutes. It doesn’t get more diverse than that, and that’s not even taking into account Malta’s sister islands of Gozo and Comino.”

Vlad – Eff it… I’m on holiday

“A small island in the Mediterranean sea, Malta is an underrated country that doesn’t attract the attention of many travelers who think it’s a boring country with nothing to do.

This couldn’t be further from the truth and in fact, Malta is such an interesting and diverse country that in one week you won’t have time to see everything. But that doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love with the place and eagerly think of your return.”

Colleen – Ad-lib Traveller

“Overall, Malta offered a wonderful place to getaway. I really enjoyed the range of activities on the island, all within a relatively short flying time from the UK. I’m already planning my return to the island, hopefully with a chance to hop over to Gozo…”

Dani – Globetrottergirls

What I loved about Malta was that it can be exactly what you want it to be. Looking for history and culture? You can use Valletta as your base and tour UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ancient temples and medieval forts. You want beaches and relaxation? Stay in Sliema or St Julian’s and enjoy the ocean, take a sailing trip to the Blue Grotto or the Blue Lagoon. You want culinary revelations and shopping? There are loads of great restaurants and shopping facilities to keep you busy for at least a week!”

Claire & Laura – Twins that Travel

“I really didn’t know too much about Malta and Gozo, other than they seemed to be a holiday hotspot for my parents’ generation. I didn’t think too much about it until the day came and three and a half hours later, we landed on a beautiful evening in Valletta, Malta.

My first impression? Why had I not known more about this place? It’s beautiful!

Tracie Travels

“Valletta is one of the many Mediterranean port cities that I visited during my cruise ship days, but it remains one of my favorite places of all time. I hope to return some day to explore the city more and see what other treasures the island of Malta holds.”

Virginia – The Well-Travelled Postcard

“On our day tour I was pleasantly surprised by the island, particularly after not enjoying the Qawra area we were based in, and I beg you not to judge Malta by the English tourist zones you might come across. Malta has such beautiful spots to discover with such a vivid and intriguing history, and the weather is simply fantastic!

Jaunting Jen

Everything that I experienced in Malta is unique. Even after a day of sightseeing, excitement won out over fatigue and I went out to wander the city at night.”

Dave and Deb – The Planet D

“Yes, Malta has more to it than just its shoreline, but as you’ll discover when you get here its beauty is also an inherent part of its substance.

Indeed, trying to extract the coastal appeal from its make-up is as futile as searing the florescent lights from Las Vegas.”

Elena – Live Do Grow

There are no shortages of spots to be wowed by views that look as if they’ve been painted by a master artist in Malta. Your jaw will drop. I promise. The reflecting sun over the sea, turquoise blue waters and magnificent village-scapes will clog your camera with more photos than you know what to do with.

And though some visitors to Malta focus on the capital city – Valletta – and the surrounding towns and villages, I’d highly recommend venturing north along either coast for a mix of jagged cliffs and sea.”

Doc Gelo – Beyond Toxicity

“Yes, it goes without saying that I fell in love with this Mediterranean and European paradise! Malta now occupies the top notch position in my list of personal favourite places that I’ve been to. And it extremely captured my heart, my soul and my entire senses effortlessly!”

Gary – Everything Everywhere

“Aside from being one of the smallest nations in the world, the capital city of Valletta, on the other hand, gains the recognition as the smallest capital city in the European Union. With so many interesting facts and sights, you have plenty of reasons to travel to Malta.

Kami & The Rest Of The World

To be honest I didn’t fall for Malta. When looking at pictures of beautiful cities in Malta I had expected I’m gonna love it but it was just fine. The views were amazing, that’s for sure, but I just didn’t feel the place and I might be the first person who said that out loud.”

Valerie – Weekend Wonders

Visiting Mdina is like stepping back in time or stepping straight into a scene of Game of Thrones (they filmed some of the scenes there). It’s a medieval town with fortified walls surrounding it.

There aren’t any big chains restaurants or shops, just holes-in-the-walls kind of places. Outside the main street, all you can see are winding narrow lanes and golden walls. It gives the town an air of mystery, not knowing what’s around the corner.”

Corinne – ReflectionsEnroute

“Malta, close to the bottom of Sicily, is a rather easy flight from anywhere in Europe. There are a number of inexpensive airlines that now service the islands and you will find many people flocking to the beaches as late as October and as early as March.

With a year-round Mediterranean climate, it’s a great getaway.

Kristin – Be My Travel Muse

“Malta is the kind of place that you don’t need a lot of time to enjoy. Whether you try to do most of these suggestions or just a few, you’re sure to leave with the same feeling I did – warmth – both of the place and of the lovely people.”

Victoria – Bridges and Balloons

As I looked back on my photos of Malta, I was struck by the incredible spectrum of blues in the images – from turquoise to royal velvet. The island is surrounded by some of the clearest waters I have ever seen, especially around Comino, which is home to the blue lagoon.”

Victoria – Pommie Travels

The vibe on Gozo is quite different to Malta; it’s smaller, quieter and generally less built up. It’s like Malta’s laid-back cousin and how could I not love it when I share the same name with its capital city?”

David’s Been Here

Malta may be small, but it certainly has no shortage of things to see, do and eat! Aside from the millennia of history, the food is what most blew me away. Maltese culinary traditions are unlike any other culture because they incorporate the island’s local flavors with Italian and Arabic cooking methods and recipes.

This is not the place to visit if you plan to diet, so make room for the pastas, stews, cheeses and risottos that you’ve been dreaming of.”

Tamara – Globe Guide

“While Malta may be off the beaten track, it’s well-worth a visit for anyone who loves to combine a beach getaway with a history lesson, and won’t set you back as much as many European destinations.”

Evan Kristine – Pretty, Wild World

“Malta has been marvelous to me and my partner and if given a chance I would go back to visit again but perhaps during summertime to really feel the heat. Somehow, even though spring was warm enough, the water was too cold for us to swim. In conclusion, Malta and Gozo is a special treat to those who would like to have a quaint holiday.

Josh – Travel With Bender

“Malta was not what I expected. This small island really packed a punch with the sheer volume of things to see and do. During our time on the island we discovered some real gems that you will love.”

Exploramum & Explorason

Malta is probably the most colourful island I have visited on my world travels. I was mesmerised by the bold and bright colours against the white limestone.

If you are a budding photographer or if photography is your passion, then I’d love to suggest you book a trip to Malta.”

Bart – Roeckie’s World

I absolutely loved strolling around the quaint little streets and alleyways of Valletta. It really is a charming city, built high upon a rock which gives it its unique setting. It boasts a lot of beautiful churches, palaces and museums.”

Marissa – Travel Greece Travel Europe

“Living and traveling throughout Europe, I have come to understand that many destinations are a “crossroads of culture” in some shape or form. Still, my visit to Malta had me awestruck. This tiny nation is packed to the brim with the essence of things you’d want to experience traveling Europe.

Amy – Generic Dreams

“One of the tips while walking around the streets [of Valletta] is to LOOK UP. An array of windows of all colors, spacious balconies, and exquisite detail in the architecture. How some of these buildings survived the bombing during the war speaks of its structure and quality. They don’t call it one of the capitals of culture for nothing.

Karisa – Flirting with the Globe

“After less than a day off the plane, I couldn’t help but wonder if I should have chosen a different destination – one that offered more options to satisfy my wanderlust.

But, luckily, Malta grew on me… slowly and steadily. Each day I spent there was better than the last, and when it came time for us to board our plane to Istanbul, I wasn’t quite ready to leave.

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  1. Thanks for the inclusion of Ad-lib Traveller blog. Malta is such a gem, I can’t wait to return.

    • You’re welcome Colleen! Happy to help plan your trip when you do!

  2. You should catch up with our buddy David at Travelsewhere.net who’s been posting a lot on Malta of late. Great stuff, fantastic photos. Meanwhile, we’re going to go explore Malta Uncovered some more!

    • Thanks for the tip and the compliments! Do let me know if you’re heading this way at some point – always happy to help.

  3. Wow, this is really making me want to return to Malta again. I’ve been to twenty countries and Malta is truly my favorite (Greece is a close second). The history in Malta is beyond amazing. Thanks so much for including me in your post.

    • Happy to hear that, Jen! 🙂


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