Malta Airport Transfers by Taxi or Shuttle Bus

Getting a Malta airport transfer is easy and relatively inexpensive.

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Looking for the best Malta airport transfers to your place of stay? You’ve come to the right place.

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve landed after a long flight I want the most hassle-free transfer I can find.

The tricky bit is that most Malta airport transfer providers which you come across online subcontract local taxi services. You don’t really know who you’ll deal with when you actually get there.

I’ve travelled to and from Malta for years and from personal experience I recommend


  1. They subcontract reliable and professional Maltese service providers
  2. They offer the best rates

(NOTE: When you run a search for a booking enter the destination village if your hotel doesn’t show in the list right away. You will be asked to enter the hotel name later in the process.)

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How much does a Malta airport transfer cost?

The price of a direct private transfer from the airport to your accommodation address depends on the distance you need to travel.

These are a few estimates for a one way trip from Malta International Airport:

  • Private transfer to Mellieha or Gozo ferry (45-minute drive): €30 / £27 / US$35
  • Private transfer to Valletta (20-minute drive): €20 / £18 / US$23

Booking a return right away will help you save a little as well.

How much do shared shuttle bus transfers cost?

Prices don’t vary much with distance when it comes to shuttle buses and the prices are usually around €15 / £13 / US$17 for a one way trip.

The downsides of using a shuttle bus are:

  1. You’ll be sharing the bus with other travellers
  2. It’ll take you a lot longer because you have to wait for all travellers to be on the bus and if your accommodation is furthest away within your group you’ll have to sit through the full ride with all stops in between.

What to expect from a Malta airport transfer

  1. Malta International Airport is pretty small, so getting to your airport transfer pickup is pretty straightforward. Once you pass baggage reclaim and customs you’ll be greeted with a horde of taxi/bus drivers holding up a card with your name. You’ll then be guided towards the vehicle right outside the Arrivals hall. (There’s a specific exit and section for transfers).
  2. Most drivers aren’t the most courteous or friendly you’ll encounter, so don’t expect to be greeted with a smile. Especially not during busy and stressful periods like the high season (July-September), particularly in the case of shuttle bus drivers.
  3. The further away the destination the more variation there will be in trip time, particularly during rush hour (6:00-8:30h and 16:30-18:30h). Traffic congestion is usually less of a problem during the high season, when schools are closed. Private taxi transfers are always fastest.
  4. The ride itself can be… eventful. Drivers/chauffeurs are usually on a tight schedule so hang on to your seat belt. 😉
  5. If you’ve had a particularly good experience with a driver, you can tip them 10% as a gratuity, but it’s not expected.

Transfers from Malta airport to Mellieha

Transfers to and from Mellieha can take 30-50 minutes with a private transfer, depending on any traffic congestion.

Being a destination that’s pretty far away from the airport and will have several stops along the way using a shuttle bus, I’d recommend using a private taxi transfer.

Transfers from Malta airport to St. Paul’s Bay, Bugibba and Qawra

Transfers to and from St. Paul’s Bay, Bugibba and Qawra back to the airport usually take around 30-40 minutes, again, depending on the time of day and how busy the roads are.

Being a popular destination for tourists, expect shuttle buses to be pretty busy and pricey considering it’s shared transport. Private taxis usually work out close to the same, if not cheaper than a shared bus.

Transfers from Malta airport to Gozo

Getting an airport transfer from Malta to Gozo takes a short ferry ride.

If you’ve chosen to stay in Gozo, getting to your place of accommodation to and from the airport may take a little while. Because of the distance, expect a transfer time of around 1.5-2 hours total:

  1. Airport to Cirkewwa (ferry port): 40-60 minutes, depending on traffic
  2. Ferry crossing: 20-25 minutes
  3. Transfer from ferry to destination in Gozo: 15-25 minutes max

Gozo transfer cost

The cheapest way to get a taxi transfer to Gozo is:

  1. Transfer to Cirkewwa (ferry port): Around €30 / £27 / US$35
  2. Ferry tickets: €4.65 (pp – adults), €1.15 (pp – children) (Around £4 / US$5 and £1 / US$ 1.30)
  3. Taxi in Gozo: Around €15 / £13 / US$17 to most locations on the island

Total cost for two adults: Around €55 / £50 / US$63

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  1. Hi I am trying to book transfers on your site but could not because the date would not allow or open correctly.

    • Sorry about that Barbara, that should be fixed now!

  2. Would you recommend using the public bus service to get from airport to where you are staying? I have heard the bus service is very good?

    • Hi Lynne, it really depends on where you’re staying. Public transport is OK but with long routes it’s definitely not the most efficient option if you’re staying further away than Valletta. If you’re on a tight budget, there’s nothing cheaper out there other than walking it though. 😉

  3. Very helpful, thank you Ed! Just returned from Malta and booked my transfers to your site with a private taxi. That turned out to be very affordable and made getting to the hotel and back to the airport an easy process. Thanks for the tips and keep it up!

    • Welcome John, happy to hear!


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