Sea Adventure Excursions: Blue Lagoon (Comino) boat trips

Taking a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon in Comino is easy to do and a fun experience.

In fact, it’s at the top of the “things to do” list for a lot of visitors to Malta.

In this article I’ll show you how to take the trip, by reviewing one of the best providers: Sea Adventure Excursions.

But first…

Why take a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon?

  1. It’s one of the most beautiful locations around the Maltese islands and a must-visit if you love the sea. (However, it can get crowded in summer – for that very reason.)
  2. During the high season, the tiny beach there offers no space unless you’re there ridiculously early in the morning
  3. Although you can take the regular ferry to Comino, it’s very much a DIY approach, while, at a reasonable price, taking an organised boat trip is practically hassle-free
  4. Taking a boat trip to Comino is a great way of seeing a few of the caves and points of interest around the island as part of the tour
  5. If you want to swim at the Crystal Lagoon, it’s a heck of a lot easier to do so from a boat. There’s no sandy beach in that part, the shoreline is all rock.
The Sea Adventure Excursion boat moored at the Blue Lagoon jetty in Comino on one of its trips.

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Our trip to the Blue Lagoon

The better half and I decided to take a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon in Comino with Sea Adventure Excursions (SAE), who invited my better half and I to try out one of their excursions. Here’s how it went, what we learned and how we rated the experience.

We decided to take the trip in July, during the high season, to also get a feel for just how busy the Blue Lagoon gets at that time of year.

We opted for the afternoon tour (Orange route) to the Blue Lagoon which departs at around 4pm from Buġibba, because:

  • Most people will go for the late morning/early afternoon option, so it’s far less busy in the late afternoon/evening
  • The sun is less harsh at that time of day (which makes the views nicer to enjoy plus offer better light for the enthusiast photographers that we are), plus the sea will have warmed up nicely too
  • The trip is shorter, 4 hours instead of up to 7 for the regular day boat trip (which made more sense for us time-wise)

In fact, compared to the regular trip earlier in the day, apart from the shorter trip duration (and less time at the Blue Lagoon), the only difference is that you don’t get to stop at the Crystal Lagoon (which they do during June – September on the morning trip). It’s a beautiful bay (without beach however), so it is a plus, but just that: a bonus on an otherwise fun trip anyway

Before we get into the trip and review, here’s a quick overview of the tours that Sea Adventure Excursions offer and how you can book.

Sea Adventure Excursions boat trips and booking tickets

Comino: Blue & Crystal Lagoon boat trip (Blue route)

This is the most popular option that most people go for:

  • Full day trip: 6.5-7 hours in total
  • 4 Hours at the Blue Lagoon
  • 1 Hour at the Crystal Lagoon (weather permitting)
  • Several cave visits and quick sightseeing stops on the tour

Comino: Blue & Crystal Lagoon sunset trip (Orange route)

This is the shorter afternoon/evening variant which we took:

  • Afternoon/evening trip: 4 Hours in total, departing at around 4pm and returning at around 8pm
  • 2-2.5h at the Blue Lagoon
  • Several cave visits and quick sightseeing stops on the tour

Gozo and Comino (Crystal/Blue Lagoon) combo trip (Yellow route)

For those who’d like to combine a visit to Comino with half a day in Gozo, this is a great option to consider if you’re tight on time. You’ll be spending the afternoon taking a land tour to some of the best spots in Gozo.

  • Full day trip: 7h total. Departure time: 10:30am (April-June) or 9am (June-Sep)
  • 1 Hour Blue Lagoon
  • 3 Hours in Gozo
  • 1 Hour Crystal Lagoon (June-Sep only).
The Santa Maria cave

About the catamaran

You’ll be sailing on a modern catamaran with inside area (air conditioned), underwater area and rooftop, and is equipped with slides and underwater windows to admire sea life underneath the boat. That makes it a great option if you’re looking for some family fun with the kids.

Drinks, ice creams and other snacks as well as simple lunch options are sold at reasonable prices on board.

Facilities on board: Air conditioned space inside, toilets (separate ladies/gents), personal coin lockers, buoyancy aids and option to hire snorkelling gear.

How to take a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon with SAE

Although some specifics refer to Sea Adventure Excursions, most boat tour providers to the Blue Lagoon operate in similar fashion.

  1. Book online or buy your tickets before you get on board (although 1) buying online is usually cheaper and 2) in the high season you might miss out if you don’t book in advance)
  2. Get to the departure point at Buġibba, on the edge of St. Paul’s Bay (referred to as the Moll) – either via booked transfer (online booking) or using your own transport
  3. You’ll be greeted by a friendly representative under the shade of an umbrella sitting in front of a big Sea Adventure Excursions sign who will let you know when the boat has arrived and is ready for boarding
  4. You’ll be asked to queue on the pier before boarding and you’ll be asked to present your ticket and given a waterproof armband (to indicate that you’re taking the trip with SAE)
  5. Next, find your spot on board. The rooftop sundeck is usually the most popular spot, with comfortable, cushioned seating to enjoy the sunshine and views
  6. Once the boat sets sail for Comino, you’ll be passing in between mainland Malta and St. Paul’s Islands, heading up North. There are a few beautiful scenes to admire on the way
  7. Before reaching the Blue Lagoon (weather permitting) the captain will stop at one or two caves. In our case, we got to admire the beautiful Santa Maria cave
  8. Reach the Blue Lagoon. As the boat lowers its anchor and reaches the shore you take in the views (and hustle and bustle). The captain announces the return time and you have a choice of staying on the boat or having a little look around before you dive into the bright azure-coloured water
  9. In our case, the return trip started at 7:45pm, and shortly after setting sail, we got a little tour around some of the highlights along Comino’s rugged coastline, taking the long way around before heading back to Malta. Starting with the Crystal Lagoon, we passed by the P31 shipwreck (which is a popular diving location, visible from the underwater windows on the boat), another few caves and Saint Mary’s watchtower
  10. Make it back to Malta safe and sound, where, if you booked a transfer, your transport will be waiting to take you back to your accommodation.

How to book your boat trip with SAE

By far the easiest and cheapest way to get your tickets is by booking through their website.

  1. Head over to their website
  2. Pick your trip of choice and click/tap on ‘Book Now’
  3. Select the date, number of passengers, transfer details if needed (more info below) and whether or not you’d like to take the 20-min speed boat tour as an optional extra
  4. Register your details (also in case you need to be contacted)
  5. Complete your purchase. Payment methods accepted are: Credit/debit cards, Paypal or bank transfer

Once payment is processed successfully, you receive an email containing your tickets and details for the trip.

When you take your trip, you can either present a printed copy, or show the email to their representative on your smartphone.

Good to know

1) Local transfers to/from your place of stay

Whether or not you stay in the Buġibba area, the team can get you set with transport on a shared bus to get you to/from the point of departure. If you’re staying nearby it’s included in the price of the excursion, though if you stay elsewhere in Malta they’ll charge an additional fee (with details provided on their site).

2) Flexibility to explore

Although the guys of Sea Adventure Excursions sail with a catamaran that offers good comfort and facilities, you’re not forced to stay on board while at the Blue Lagoon. You can obviously jump off the side of the boat to go for a swim, but you can also choose to get off the boat onto the shore and do a little exploration and find a quieter spot to enjoy a swim and some sunbathing from.

Now, as I mentioned, the Blue Lagoon gets *very* busy in summer, so please don’t expect a quiet paradise where you’re on a deserted island with just your loved ones and Tom Hanks trying to find his way home.

The tiny sandy beach on the main part of the Blue Lagoon is guaranteed to be completely taken up, however, if you venture out just a little, either North or South, you might find yourself a bit of space to put down your stuff and head into the water. It can be a little rocky in places so do look out. A pair of snorkelling goggles will make entry into the water a lot easier.

IMPORTANT: When you arrive at the Blue Lagoon the captain will announce the departure time back to Malta. Make sure you’re back on the boat in time as the crew will not do a headcount to see if all passengers are on board.

3) Optional extra: Speedboat excursion

If you’re up for a speedy excursion of some of the smaller caves around Comino, you can opt to take this 20-minute trip offered by an associated provider called Oki Koki. It’s a fun experience to add on, which you can select during the booking process, OR decide to go for when you’re on the trip with SAE, if free seats are still available.

4) Mobility

If you have mobility problems or are a wheelchair user, be aware that although the boat is wheelchair accessible and assistance is offered, Comino itself is not wheelchair friendly. There are very few paved roads and the surface is mostly rocky.

Saint Mary's tower with boats moored at the Crystal Lagoon in the foreground.
With the afternoon boat trip, sunset views like this one are practically guaranteed.

Handy things to take with you on a Blue Lagoon boat trip

  • Sun lotion, especially if you go for the morning option. Keep in mind that locals are advised to stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm, so unless “lobster” is your favourite shade of red, lather on that stuff!
  • Swim shorts/suit/bikini (in fact come prepared to swim by wearing your swimwear before you head out) and a beach towel
  • Snorkelling gear – The Blue Lagoon and the bays nearby are absolutely stunning and although it can get busy, enjoying the views underwater with a pair of goggles is a lot of fun. In fact, this location is one of my top 10 snorkelling spots in Malta. You can also rent snorkels, mask and flippers on board at a charge of €5 (and a €20 deposit).
  • A camera (or even better: a GoPro with underwater housing). You’ll want to keep some memories of this boat trip! 😉
  • A light jacket if you’re going during the off-season, between October and May.

Our review of Sea Adventure Excursions

Without hesitation: We had a great time and enjoyed the trip to the full. The catamaran was comfortable, staff friendly and helpful and we had everything we needed to have a good time.

Despite Comino being busy at the height of summer, it was still peaceful enough to enjoy an afternoon away from everyday business. If you’re a visitor in holiday mode, it’s a trip well worth taking to unwind and see another side of Malta.

Although we were expecting the boat itself to be a lot busier and noisier, it actually really wasn’t, despite it being a fully booked trip with a few families with kids on board.

What we liked:

  • Great overall experience and good value for money at just €20 pp and no surprise they get so many great Tripadvisor reviews
  • Super helpful staff and crew, from booking to boarding and the excursion itself
  • Although the main focus is the Blue Lagoon itself, the route around Comino and some of it’s caves is great. Information is also provided in several languages to explain some of the features and locations around
  • The inside areas on board are air conditioned. Good to have if you need a little respite from the hot summer sun
  • They have the best spot at the small Blue Lagoon jetty
  • Flexibility to get off the boat and explore a little, either to find another spot to swim from, or to have a little wander around if the weather’s not too hot. Comino is one of the most rugged and untouched parts of the Maltese islands and offers beautiful nature scenes to take in.

What to keep in mind:

  • Taking the afternoon trip means you’ll be hopping on the boat right after it returns from the morning trip. Although cleanliness isn’t an issue, the boat isn’t going to be spotlessly clean
  • Although the departure time was quoted as being 4pm, they ran a little late. With a great little ice cream place around the corner of the jetty (and being in holiday-mode anyway), that wasn’t a biggie
  • Our only real gripe: I was surprised no headcount was taken before the return trip set off to make sure that all passengers were accounted for. Apparently it’s your responsibility to be back on board on time or to have to find another way to get back to Malta.

In conclusion

If you want a comfortable, reasonably priced boat trip to the Blue Lagoon and other places around Comino, I highly recommend Sea Adventure Excursions.

Other Blue Lagoon boat trip options

Still not sure whether Sea Adventure Excursions is the right choice for you? Here are a few more options to consider, all departing from Sliema instead of Buġibba:

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