Malta travel guide and tourism info for the curious traveller

Malta travel guide for the curious traveller.

Your complete travel guide for Malta and Gozo

Malta Uncovered helps you plan your trip to Malta and Gozo from A to Z.

My name is Ed, and I’ll be your virtual Malta travel guide to the Maltese islands. All information and most photos that you’ll come across on Malta Uncovered was written by myself, from personal experience as a life-long tourist in Malta. I’ve also written two guide books:

Written by a tourist-turned-expat, you get up-to-date info, first-hand local knowledge, and lots of tips and recommendations to help guide you on what to book, where to go, how to get around and much more.

Whether it’s your first time going to Malta or you’re coming back for another trip, my goal is to make your trip to Malta one to remember for all the right reasons.

This small island nation offers a lot more than sun and sea, and I’m here to help you uncover all you need to know about your next travel destination.

Below you’ll find a preview of what you can learn on Malta Uncovered. Happy dreaming/prepping! :)

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Where to stay

Where to Stay and Accommodation

Where you stay can make a big difference to your holiday experience.

Let me help you with:


Destinations in Malta

Get to know a few of the different destinations in Malta you can choose to stay in:

Getting around

Getting around and transport

Get to know what the best ways are to get around the Maltese islands.

What to see

What to see in Malta: Manoel Theatre and more.

Are you a curious explorer by nature? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve curated the best tours, places to visit and museums to help you build a solid itinerary.

What to do

What to do in Malta

Maximise your trip with ideas, recommendations and tips on everything you can choose to do on your holiday in Malta.

Tips and local knowledge

Tips and Local Knowledge

You’ll find hundreds of tips and insights that only locals can tell you all across the site. These are a few highlights:

Get to know Malta

Get to know Malta

Malta is a lot more than a sea-and-sun destination. Getting to know the local culture, people and history in advance will help you get more out of your trip to the Maltese islands.

Get to know Gozo & Comino

Get to know Gozo and Comino

Malta (the country) is made up of three inhabited islands. The main island Malta is the largest, but Gozo and Comino also have a lot to offer for curious travellers.

The author of this Malta and Gozo guide book.

Meet Ed, the author and editor

Hi there!

My name is Ed, and I’m the author and editor of Malta Uncovered and two guide books. My mission is to make your trip to the Maltese islands memorable.

Having travelled to Malta myself as a tourist on many occasions and having lived in Malta for over a decade now, I know the Maltese islands inside out. On Malta Uncovered I share my experiences, insights and recommendations to help make your trip a success.

More about me and Malta Uncovered.

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